Hello Autumn.

Friday, September 02, 2011

It's finally here! I don't care when autumn officially starts, for me it's September. (For the Scottish climate, it's mid-July, but that's beside the point.) August seemed to go on forever, packed with parties and visitors and Fringe by the Sea, and now I'm ready to slow down, curl up on the couch and welcome the changing season with open arms. 

Here's a little preview of what I'm looking forward to this autumn. Besides my couch, that is.

 Tripping the light fantastic with some of my favourite internet ladies, and hopefully meeting some new ones, at Any Other Party. One week to go, people! I can't wait. I spent all of last night trawling the shops for the Perfect Red Jeans but they continue to elude me. The sneaky buggers. Fear not, my search will go on, but I may have to come up with a back-up plan, just in case. Those of you who are going - what are you wearing???

♥ Ah, Strictly. How I've missed you. Okay, so the X Factor seems to be slightly more bearable now that Gary Barlow has replaced old Mr. Smugface, but it can never come close to Strictly Come Dancing in my book. Daring moves, dramatic showdowns, simmering sexual tension and glitter. And that's just me and Fin.

♥  Book club. Or, more specifically, Blook club. (Blogging book club, geddit?) After the success of the APW book club back in June, Zoe of Conversation Pieces (by the way, did you see her wedding pictures??? I die) asked me if I knew of any "normal" book clubs. After assuring her that APW readers are in fact normal - well, for the most part - I agreed that a "non-weddingy" book club might be in order, and after a flurry of emails and some organisational wizardry by Zoe, the first meet-up is in my diary and the first book is beside my bed. (It's Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman, which I have been dying to read ever since Cate of Project Subrosa gave it a glowing review.) Exciting times.

Going back up to the farm, one of my favourite places. As if it wasn't already fun enough - Friends! Cows! Crazy dogs! - my farm-dwelling friend has just become the proud owner of a brand new baby kitten. Her name is Lily, she loves to play and snuggle and by all accounts is just the cutest thing ever. Everybody say awwww.

I'm contemplating doing an online course called Mondo Beyondo. I can barely mention it without visibly cringing, but I've heard a lot of bloggers raving about it and I must admit I'm intrigued. Has anyone done it? There's a chance it will just be a load of touchy-feely American self-help bullshit - ok, it's more than a chance - but I need to do something. And if it delivers even a fraction of what it promises, that's got to be 99 bucks well spent, surely?

♥ But first and foremost, I'm looking forward to this weekend. Our first weekend in weeks with absolutely nothing to do. No plans, no parties; just me and the boy. And the decluttering list. Heaven.

Happy weekend, peeps.

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  1. Yay one week to go beforecAOP. Looking forward to meeting you too.... I was in Topshop the other day and randomly wondered how your cocktail jean hunt was going... Am thinking of an Oasis kimono shift dress, it's on their website, though not surevwhat the weather will be doing.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Happy doing-nothing weekend to you too, Kirsty. Please think of us shifting through our, and I quote, 'wedding shit' that my in-laws dropped off last night.

    I am also extremely excited about Strictly. I hope there's a little romance like last year...

    And, for the most important question, what to wear to AOP??! Eek! I think I'm going for my green maxi dress. I'll see you there.


  3. We will be hosting a bit of a "what to wear" discussion next week, because we are being inundated with questions and I am a failure at fashion.

    How To Be A Woman - also my weekend reading. I have loved that woman for a very long time. She was the first person that makde me realise a newspaper could be funny.

    Re Mondo Beyondo...the only context I've heard of it in is the list you make when you're dreaming big, and I've got a post coming up on that very list...want to join in?

  4. Ohhh cows.Such lovely beings. Affectionate, and curious, and funny. Enjoy your time at the farm .
    Ummm I want to join the bookclub, though I guess that will be virtually unless I convince the boy to go to Scotland for a weekend, we love to travel and did not really go anywhere this summer so why not. Anyway excited to read and comment with you guys. Actually not sure if you were planning to host a conversation APW style, but will be reading with you guys. Also was curious about that book when I read about it chez Cate a while ago. Good luck with the red skinnies search. I have seen some... here and there.

  5. I'm a new one (eek!). Also it just dawned on me that you may have a Scottish accent. I always think people speak like me. D'oh!

    As for red skinnies. Seriously ASOS already.

  6. Anna, don't worry you're not the first person to have that realisation! Yes, I can exclusively reveal that I do indeed have a Scottish accent, although not a terribly strong one: more Prime of Miss Jean Brodie than Trainspotting...

  7. How to be a Woman is ACE. I loved loved loved it, except the bit about her first labour - I'd advise giving that a miss (especially within a few hours of eating).

  8. Not going to make AOP but I will be at Blook Club. Just have to actually get the book now!
    I'm also looking forward to autumn, ticking off my wedding to do list and changing to our thick quilt :)

  9. Anna (and the ring) - I said the same not long ago!

    Anna K and Kirsty - I reckon you'll LOVE How to be a Woman. I devoured it. There were bits I was practically shouting 'right on sister' to whilst reading, and others I didn't agree with at all, but that's what made it brilliant.

    *sulks again that I can't make it to Any Other Party* (although if anyone's around for lunch on Friday then shout me as I don't leave on hols until the pm)

  10. I know what you mean August is always a blur (a good but exhausting part of living in Edinburgh!)

    Sure you'll have a fab time at AOP... whether you find the perfect jeans or not. And he he to 'blook club'... maybe I should do us a logo if we're all official now?

  11. Same here - this weekend is our first (and for a few more weeks, our last) weekend together in peace and I plan to fill it with decluttering (is that like an anti-pun?). And I'm totally excited for it!

  12. I would pay good money to see your face about 45 minutes into Mondo Beyondo, it's a shame it's an online class.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet.

  13. Unfortunately not going to make blook club but hopefully see you at the next one.

    I cannot wait for strictly to start again!

    (psst although brown boots you're pinning I want them all. Are you going to do a post about them? I think you should)

  14. I so wish I could go!! please please post real time pics!! that'll make the rest of us more "there"

  15. So jealous I'm not going to be at AOP. I'd love to meet you all. Although I'm sure I'd feel insecure around y'all. You are all so pretty and articulate. I'd be the bumbling country bumpkin, wearing last years fashion.

    Thanks for the Strictly reminder. Never got into X Factor at all. Love Strictly. Last year I was ever so slightly obsessed with Kara and Artem, and oh bless, they are still a couple. Yay! Kara and Artem forever.

    My real life friend has some Asos jeans in lime green, and they are so lush. I thought of you and your red jeans dilemma, when I saw them. She also has some orange jeans from H & M, which I'm not so keen on. Me personally, I'm not fashion forward enough for coloured jeans.

    Good luck with the search.


  16. I'm kind of offended not to know anything about this Blook Club. (Especially since I already read the book months ago, ha!) But that's OK. Keep your fabulous blogger secrets already.

    And I'm hanging onto the last bits of summer by the skin of my teeth I am, goshdarnit. I say we've got a good month yet before I have to get depressed about the NEVERENDING GREY.

  17. cows cows cows!

    I'm catching up on blogs, stuff has been insane around here! In other news: I hear about Mondo Beyondo a lot too but I can't stomach it. I am simply too cynical. It's nice to have company on my side of the cynic couch!