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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Siamese Slanket, OBVIOUSLY.

Otherwise known as "The Best Present Ever".

Well, it's actually tied in first place with a stunning bouquet created by the super talented Sophie of I Heart Flowers. Both of which were given to us by lovely Lucy Stendall and her husband, when they came to stay this weekend. Can you believe she got us a Slanket just because I mentioned it on my About page? Do you think if I mention how jealous I am of her iPhone, she'll get me one of those too?

Flowers (mine are even nicer) by Sophie, picture by Cara and Nye a.k.a. Lillian and Leonard

I was also lucky enough to spend time with not one, but two sets of twin girlies this weekend. First, we met Cara's adorable babies (with Cara, obviously. They weren't just having a wee day out on their own). Last time I saw Cara, I was all, "Arrrgh, I just got MARRIED!!!" and she was all five months pregnant, so hopefully I was more coherent and she was more comfortable this time around. 

I was very proud that I could tell Ella and Amelia apart; if I hadn't been able to tell just from their little gorgeous faces, I would have worked it out pretty quickly after E sat quietly, gazing up at me and gently grabbing bunches of my skirt in her sticky wee fingers, while A rolled around on the floor chomping on a squidgy toy shaped like a blood-spattered dagger (awesomeness) and letting out the occasional wail, just in case we'd forgotten she was there. 

Little twinnies by Peonies and Polaroids

Then the following day, we celebrated the 80th birthdays of Fin's granny and her identical twin sister. Yes, that's right. Twin grannies. They're almost as cute as the twin babies. 

It's always fun to spend time with The Twinnies, as they are affectionately known by their offspring, just to see the amazing bond that they still share after all these years. Both of them have now lost their husbands, and they never seem to tire of each other's company or run out of things to say. I couldn't help thinking, as I watched them setting side by side, two fluffy grey heads bent together, of Cara's little ones and how lucky they will be to always have each other. 

Big twinnies by Lillian and Leonard

Then yesterday, as if our weekend wasn't treat-filled enough, Fin and I had our very own mini Love Shoot with Lucy. Now, Fin is on record as saying he would rather chop his balls off than participate in any form of photo shoot. (I feel a bit bad using the word balls beneath a picture of The Twinnies, but what can I do? I'm not responsible for the filth that comes out of his mouth.) I have no idea what Lucy said to Fin when I was out of the room, but somehow he was persuaded it might not be *quite* as bad as being castrated, so we trotted out to the nearby harbour and got our pose on. In between Lucy and me laughing hysterically, me looking decidedly shifty, and one position that made it look as if I had done a poo on the harbour wall (which, to be clear, I HAD NOT), hopefully Lucy managed to get something that didn't make us look like total weirdos. It's no easy task.

No doubt I'll share the results at some point, but until then, here's one of us looking like weirdos. Just to prove my point.

Best. Present. Ever.

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  1. I don't think it gets any more romantic than a Siamese slanket, oh boy! Fin doesn't look sheepish at all. Loving the inter generational twinnage and BRING ON the photos! Trying to talk Sam into a love shoot but he's not biting... You'll have to let me know your secret.

  2. The Any Other Wedding girls have been bursting with the Slanket secret all week! So glad you loved it. And SO HAPPY we got pictoral evidence.

    Lucky you getting a Lucy love shoot - looking forward to the poo on wall one most of all!

  3. I am seriously jealous of that slanket

  4. Oh, and I'm also seriously scared of twins. There are twins in both mine and my boyfriends families. Both our dads are twins. What are the chances of me having to contend with a 2 for 1 deal if/when I have children?? Aaaah! I need my sleep too much for that :)

  5. Erm Kirsty, I was not going to mention the poo but since you brought it up...

    I honestly said nothing to Fin other than 'so I hear you won't be joining us for the photos' and he said 'oh go on then and I was also thinking I might have a shave first and change'

    He had so thought about it.

    Best weekend ever. Kirsty and Fin you're the hosts with the mosts. You are also incredibly polite by letting me tell you the Peter Andre story twice *cringe*

    Can't wait to show you the photos from our mini shoot. Minus the poo photo, nobody needs to see that x

  6. Aww. That picture of the twinnies made me so happy. My husband's an identical triplet and I can't imagine how cute they will all be old together :)

  7. I cannot stop laughing! I wish I could have hung out with you guys! One day. I feel a blogger/cool wedding people Christmas party in Scotland coming on, or something like it. What do you say?

  8. AMAZING. I'd love a slanket but James has banned me.

    And Lucy, can you please share the Peter Andre story?

  9. They make 2-person slankets now? Wow.

    Can't wait to see Lucy's photos!

  10. My husband's grandmother is an identical twin, and so is his grandfather, and then the two sets of twins married each other! So his grandparents and great aunt and uncle are identical couples! It's so much cuteness.

    And I need to know your secret for getting Fin to do a love shoot! Can't wait for the pictures!

  11. Oh twins. Yup, that's E&A. But no to the more comfortable thing. I think at your wedding I had at least had a shower at some point in the last week. And my clothes, although stretched to capacity, didn't have porridge on them. Sigh, one day' we'll meet and I'll be neither enormous nor disgusting.

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