Shopping Challenge: Seeing Red

Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh look, another month, another blog love post missed. Whoops. I do have one in mind; I just haven't, erm, found time to write it yet. Sorry about that.

So, instead, I'm setting you a Friday shopping challenge. After the success of the now legendary yellow skirt hunt, I wondered if I could enlist your help once again? I have been suddenly struck with an irresistible desire for a pair of red skinny jeans, as a potential dress alternative for Any Other Party. (Apparently "cocktail jeans" are all the rage. Who knew?)

These bad boys are currently topping my wish list. I already have the same jeans in washed-out black and I love that they're not too low-waisted (the higher they go, more they hold in, obv). But then I noticed they were described as "Tangerine", and come to think of it they did look a little orange, so naturally I turned to twitter for advice. Views on the colour ranged from tomato to orange bell pepper - vegetable chic is so in this season, don't you know - to Fanta-coloured, to "if you painted black stripes on them, you would look like a tiger", to my personal favourite: "red, orange - it's still totally hot". Indeed.

I might order them anyway, just to check the colour, since my local Topshop(s) aren't stocking them. Ooh, or if anyone is hitting the shops this lunchtime and happens to see them, could you let me know?! Because if they are a bit orange, they simply won't do.

I have my heart set on red. 

Louboutin red. Ferrari red. Hello magazine red. You know the red I mean? Yes?

Ok then, so I need a pair of succulent skinny jeans, not too pricey please, available in or shippable to the UK, in THAT red. Think you can find them for me? Okay... go!

P.S. If you want to post a link in the comments, here's a handy guide to making them clickable (rather than copyandpasteable), courtesy of East Side Bride:

<a href="">Le Website</a>

Image via WHERE?? WHERE IS IT FROM?? If you can find *that*, you totally win.

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  1. I think red red is going to be tricky to find but here are some high street options:

    Zara red

    Dotty P's pale red I have these in kelly green and love them

  2. I got some red jeans from ASOS last year that I love but not sure if they still have them.

    I also saw these in River Island the other day

  3. I saw some at the H&M last week, not sure if it is this same model (that is alas not available on the online shop anymore), but maybe you can go and check in person?

    red skinny pants from the HM

  4. Oh and I wanted to say, as soon as I read "I have my heart set on red" I thought of this George Harrisons
    that has been stuck in my mind the whole week because they played it the other day in the radio. What are the odds

  5. I just went to the center for some groceries and I think I found what you're looking for:

    Oasis cherry coloured jeans

  6. I think you've found your Simply Reds (this is what I shall call them, none of this paint chart description nonsense) by now, and I shall resist posting a silly link to anything ridiculous and inappropriate.

    Or maybe not.


  7. Wow, those are HOT.

    But does anyone else worry about the dye rubbing off on legs/couches/in the wash? Seems like the first few wearings would be awfully scary.

    Go for it!

  8. BTW, the Zara ones are a true red. And truly FABULOUS. I might be wearing them tonight. I blame you.

  9. Thanks girls! All of these links are fab, I see a shopping marathon coming on.

    Kiara, that Dorothy Perkins link is DANGEROUS. They have a whole coloured jeans section and I want them all.

    Catherine - stunning use of the word BOING. Love.

    Penny - sigh. *shakes head*

    And the award for most dedicated goes to agirl - you didn't have to actually buy them yourself, you know!!

  10. more red skinny jeans...

    They're sold out online but I saw them in one of the shops just a few days ago so if you wanted them let me know and I'll sort it out!

  11. Do love my asos jeans.

    However, I would agree that DP link is dangerous!