Happy bank holiday. Not.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Image by Nick Papakyriazis

I hate bank holidays. Hate them, hate them, hate them, because I NEVER get them off work. The only public holidays we get are Christmas, New Year and Easter. We *allegedly* get extra days of annual leave to make up for it, but that's cold consolation when I've already used up all my leave and it seems as if everyone in the world is getting a lie-in apart from me.

Well, if I can't have a day off work, I can at least give myself a day off blogging (I'm such a generous boss). So I hope you all enjoy your day of eating and napping and fun. I'll think of you as I sit at my desk, gazing longingly out of the window...

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  1. Booo im at work too! Im looking forward to getting the edinburgh Monday in 3 weeks instead!

  2. I'm at work too. There are 3 other people in my office of around 50 people. I hate my job and my boss (she forced me to come in). Roll on end of contract!

  3. I'm a work too. And so is J and my sister. Im just gonna have longer coffee break to make up for the lack of a day off.

  4. I had to work Saturday, so I refuse to feel sorry for you all. It's nice to actually have a two day weekend for a change. Happy blogging holiday!


  5. I'm at work too. I've been data inputting since 8.30am - all because some b*stard surveyor can't be bothered to learn how to use his PDA. Here's hoping the boss lets us off at 4pm...

  6. I get fewer public holidays than my government customers, which is actually okay because we can get some work done on those days without being pestered.

    Mind you, I spend most days looking out the window, dreaming of escape.