Is it too early?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I know, I know. It's too early.

But yesterday was my least favourite kind of weather: torrential rain, but hot and muggy. The sky was an insipid, watery grey. By the time I arrived at work, clad in a mortifying combination of sleek black trousers, clickety heels and an ANORAK, I was a hot, wet, sweaty, straggly mess. 

And all I can think about now is one of those cool, crisp, perfect winter days that Edinburgh does so well. Preferably worn with a soft and snuggly new winter coat and some kick-ass mittens.

I know it's only the start of August. I know that. And I don't want to wish the days away. But I'm a Christmas baby and a ski bum, and part of me will always be longing for winter.

Oh well. Until then, I could always try this:

Anyone else getting sick of summer yet? Or is it just me?

1. Eylül Aslan. 2. Dottie Angel. 3. The lovely Zoe of Conversation Pieces. 4. Katie Did 5. Vogue Italia, October 1991 by Ellen von Unwerth via ru_glamour 6. Tim Macpherson

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  1. I felt exactly the same yesterday. and yes, I do look forward to crisp sunny mornings. also, new season means new shoes, which is always a bonus.

  2. funny, there must've been something in the air yesterday (other than just rain!) as i also had thoughts of how our winter days tend to have more blue skies in them than our summer ones do these last few years! i used to hate winter but have had a complete turnabout in recent years and now can't wait to don snuggly clothes and get the woodburner lit again!

  3. YES and for me it's because this is the week of my two favourite words: "September Issue". All the Autumn/Winter fashion stuff comes out in the press over the next few days, and it's always the most gorgeous collection of the year.... I will happily sit inside on a sunny day with a Vogue/Elle the size of a phone book and decide if I'm too old to do thick grey socks under 70s wedges/pleated mini/preppy ski jumper thing....

    Bring on Autumn and scrunching through leaves in new boots!


  4. Rosie (aka Kirsty's Mum)3 August 2011 at 09:25

    Me too! Maybe you inherited this from me or maybe cos I am a winter baby too. I love when autumn/winter comes and you don't have to worry if you have too few clothes on (cos the sun disappears) or too many (suddenly it comes out). And I am not ones of those Scots who moans about the long winters - I can light the fire and candles and justify watching crappy tv xx

  5. Nooooooo, I love the summer. Winter makes me miserable. I am very much enjoying being able to throw on a dress and flip flops and leave my hair to dry itself instead of doing battle with tights and boots and a kajillion layers!

  6. You just described the dutch summer. Aside from a FEW sunny days, what we get is that moist, rainy, gray wetness you talk about.
    I looove that skirt with tights in the first picture. I also love a good red coat, it is glory. Specially one with huge buttons, 60's style.
    And Kirsty, here-s a reader request... when the season comes, could you write a post or 10 on how to dress cutely during the winter? Seriously, the mexican in me knows all about summer dresses but when those cold days come, I look like a giant teddy bear from all the sweaters I have to stack to keep myself warm. I like color, I like patterns, I like to show some leg :p

  7. Not too early at all, I'm fed up scrabbling together summer outfits only for it to pour. Or putting on a jumper in the morning and then being roasted later on when the sun comes out.

    Bring on autumn - have you been in the shops lately? Chockablock with mustards, plums and greys yum!

  8. Maybe you can tell this to all the people who very rudely question me about a winter wedding, grrrrrrr.
    I hate having to peel off numerous layers as I walk to work and I'm not really a fan of baring my legs so bring on autumn/winter!

  9. You Scottish people are wimps I tell you. Wimps!

  10. Yeah, yeah. We'll see who's a wimp come February, Ms Texas ;)

  11. No we have only had like three days of it in London so Christmas can just stay away. Sorry.

  12. I was in St Louis yesterday - the effective temperature was about 100F / 37C. I'm in New Orleans today and it's shaping up to be 110F / 43C. And I am in no way shape or form interested in winter coming - because in DC, that means it's just cold enough to be irritating, until there's more than 3 inches of snow and the area shuts down and we lose power for 5 days.

    F*ck. That. Noise.

    I may feel differently when I'm hospitalized for heat stroke this evening, but winter baby or not, I'm not a fan of winter. Perhaps if we lived somewhere with decent cold and the collective ability to move snow, I'd feel differently.

  13. I love the summer. LOVE IT. Even I'm succumbing to this looking ahead. I think it's because this summer has been nuts? We're trying to do some fun things on our last month of summer, but I'm so looking forward to warm cider, carving pumpkins, buying boots, putting together Christmas gifts, having our first married Christmas, and making cookies with Carson's mom and grandma.

  14. Summer is gone. My brother and I were just talking about how to make Christmas super awesome. I cannot wait.