I'm getting too old for this nonsense.

Monday, August 08, 2011

It's Fin's birthday in a couple of weeks. 28. Nearly 30. Ten years older than he was when we met.

We're growing up, settling down, getting older, and I don't really mind that. There's something reassuring in our quiet, calm existence, our growing bank of shared experience and whispered plans.

But we're not too old to let our hair down once in a while. Oh, no. 

We celebrated his birthday early, on Saturday night, with a select group of awesome people.

My friend awoke face down on our couch still wearing her jacket. There were curly fries scattered all over the kitchen floor. I can only move my left arm through 90 degrees, having toppled over on my high, high heels (in fairness, I could easily do that sober). My late-night twitter stream is full of spectacularly embarrassing drunken tweets. Fin's sensible, responsible, mid-30s friend threw up all over his mother's living room carpet. It was juvenile, ridiculous, shame-inducing carnage.

And it was bloody brilliant.

(I couldn't do it every weekend, mind you. I might not be too old to go out and make a spectacle of myself, but I'm definitely too old to function properly the next day. Getting off the couch was my sole achievement yesterday. And that was only to move to a different couch.)

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  1. *sends rehydration salts and sympathy*
    Fun times though eh? Wish I'd caught the drunk tweets... Was too busy drunkenly trying to type by bank details onto the internet in order to buy concert tickets I can't afford (failed, thankfully)

  2. personally i loved the drunk tweets. glad you had fun! hope the hangover only lasted one day- the 2 day ones are SUPER grim. x

  3. I've felt far too old for a long time. My last major hangover was the result of a Glasgow Subcrawl..yuk

  4. Oh Kirsty. You're so very, very awesome.

    That is all.


  5. I chose the perfect night to start following you on Twitter

  6. Your drunken tweets were full of wisdom. Fuck Zooey indeed.

  7. @Lauren, NOOOOO, i JUST copied her haircut. the same day as the drunken tweets. sad lorna that night, let me tell you.

  8. Rosie (aka Kirsty's Mum)9 August 2011 at 08:34

    Wouldn't want you all getting too grown up and sensible, now would we? As you well know, at the age of 60, your dear Mum can still behave disgracefully!!

  9. I love this post! Oh god though - curly fries on the floor! And I must admit I did see some of your drunken tweets – I thought they were v funny! ;)