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Friday, August 05, 2011

Sam Dubeau via The Sweetest Occasion

Oh, the excitement is almost too much!

First, a huge thank you to all of you who entered my lucky yellow skirt giveaway. I had secretly envisaged a big fat '0 comments', or every comment saying "I don't want the skirt, but...". I know I said I wouldn't cry if that happened, but let's be honest, I would have been more than a little embarrassed. I give something away for free and NOBODY WANTS IT? Cringe! Thankfully, a whole load of you managed to see past the crazy pink-tights-green-jumper-random-supermarket-flowers styling (that isn't an outfit I would wear in real life, just to be clear) and threw your names into the proverbial hat.

Speaking of which, I know that it is all the rage these days to head over to and let a random number generator do the name-picking for you. But last time I went on, I ended up getting completely distracted and spending a good half an hour learning about randomness. Which, though mildly interesting, is still thirty minutes of my life I'll never get back.

I couldn't risk that again, so I decided to go old school. I actually wrote the names down. ON PAPER. Yeah, I know, it's amazing that people still do that. I even ripped the paper up into little squares and folded them up as uniformly as possible, so that none of the little squares would have an unfair advantage in tempting my fingers with their textural delights.

Despite my eagerness to embrace old-school methods, however, the proverbial hat remains just that, since I didn't have a hat handy. (By "handy", I mean within reaching distance of where I was sitting at the time. Did I mention I am incredibly lazy?) Fortunately, I just so happened to have the perfect receptacle sitting just a couple of feet away. What could be a better object from which to draw the winner of a yellow skirt, than a yellow handbag? The answer is nothing.

Drumroll please...

Congratulations Genevieve!! Send me an email to claim your lucky skirt. And commiserations to the rest of you. If you are still in the market for a yellow skirt, Monsoon has a gorgeous one in at the moment. Not that I've been looking or anything. No sirree.

As an aside, my eagle-eyed readers will no doubt have clocked my attempt to jazz up the rumpled duvet cover background with the addition of the September issue of Vogue. I suspect I am about to shatter my street cred by admitting that this is the first issue of Vogue I have ever bought, but I was feeling inspired by the responses to my post on Wednesday and decided I needed a little aspirational Autumn/Winter goodness in my muggy, anorak-clad life right now.

And look what I found as I was flicking through its glossy, beguiling, occasionally obscene pages:


It's Keira Knightley! Wearing a yellow skirt!! Told you yellow skirts were the way forward. And more proof that they're lucky too - she's nabbed herself a boyfriend and it's obviously down to the skirt. I haven't worn a knotted white shirt since I went out to a club dressed as a school girl on what turned out to be a not-remotely-school-themed night circa 2002, but hey, if it's good enough for Keira....

Next week Fringe by the Sea starts in earnest so posting might be a little sporadic. In the meantime, I wish you all a swirly, twirly, sunshiney weekend. Anyone doing anything exciting?

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  1. Oh, your yellow bag is super cute :)


    How has nobody thought of this before? Is it because the act of drawing names is historically a male role? Surely the handbag creates more depth and you can SHAKE IT UP!

    Kirsty, you've made my head spin.

    I still haven't got round to Vogue -that's this lunchtime's tres exciting purchase - still reeling from this month's Elle, which has taken me since your Wednesday post to get through. It's like my teenage wardrobe is entirely back in fashion again. This does not make me feel old, it makes me feel excited, seeing as I kept most of it (see- decluttering-not always a good thing - keep hold of clutter for A MERE 15 years and it comes back into style)


  3. Congratulations Genevieve! I am totally coveting that Monsoon delight since you brought the wonder of the yellow skirt to my attention. Maybe in 10 days when it's (potentially my last) pay day :)

  4. I won??? I never win anything! This is rather thrilling.

  5. Congrats Genevieve!! I have this good envy growing (no bad feelings) just wanted the skirt so much!! But I'm sure it'll look fantastic on you!! CONGRATS CONGRATS!! and if you never win anything.. this is a great ANYTHING to start with ;)... post pics of you wearing the lucky yellow sirt!! ;) Tiff

  6. I had skirt envy until I saw this whilst on holiday,
    Now I have both skirt AND dress envy, and can't find either!