Yellow skirt update and GIVEAWAY!!! {Ended}

Monday, August 01, 2011

This giveaway has ended! Find out who won here

Original illustration by Gemma Milly

The Great Decluttering has officially commenced. This weekend has been spent floundering in the spoils of my own insatiable consumerism. Let me tell you, I am not only shocked at the sheer quantity of stuff I have accumulated, I am ashamed. I found THREE pairs of shoes that had never been worn and which I had forgotten that I owned. Three! What is wrong with me?! I also found, and consigned to the charity shop pile, the (purple, tweed, mini) skirt I was wearing the first time I ever snogged Fin. (Yeah, I just used the word "snogged". I'm basically a 14-year-old girl.) Unfortunately the rest of the Supergirl costume seems to have disappeared...

One of the garments I knew would be going was actually acquired as a result of this very blog. Remember my great yellow skirt hunt? Well, in the end, the ultimate winner was this little beauty from asos:

Skirt in 'Olive Oil', £35, asos (also available in 'Squirrel'. WTF)

But before I finally found this skirt, you, dear readers, were like my own personal pack of fashion hunters, scouring every imaginable source and sending a me constant stream of swirly yellow skirts that filled my inbox with sunshine. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help (and I know exactly where to turn next time I get a fancy for a random item of clothing!). In fact, you were so helpful that I actually ended up with not one, but two yellow skirts hanging in my wardrobe, thanks to an ebay tipoff from the lovely Emma of The Honeymoon Project

Now, my former clutter-loving self might have argued that you can never have too many swirly yellow skirts. And maybe I might not have been alone in that (*cough* Aisling *cough*). But now that I have embraced decluttering with what can only be described as wild-eyed fervour, the second yellow skirt has got to go. And that, ladies, is where you come in.

As a little thank you for all of your help, I would like to bestow this yellow skirt upon one lucky reader in My First Ever Giveaway!

I'll pause while you applaud and squeal and generally express your unimaginable levels of excitement.

The skirt in question:

I'm sure you can all imagine how much I enjoyed coordinating my outfit with these flowers.
And how much Fin enjoyed taking these photos. Not.

The nitty-gritty:

♥ The skirt is a UK size 10 (US 6 I think?) and was originally from Gap
♥ It has a broad waistband with chunky buttons on the left hip
♥ It is fitted to the upper hip then flares out in a swirly fashion
♥ It is made of cottony-type stuff and is fully lined
♥ Its swirliness rating is Very High
♥ The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere. I will send this wherever you want and I will pay for postage, because I'm nice like that.
♥ To enter, just leave a comment on this post some time before teatime on Thursday 4 August. You don't need to say anything witty or tell us a story involving a yellow skirt or any such nonsense, although feel free to do so if the urge takes you. But make sure you say whether or not you actually want to enter the giveaway!

If you aren't sure whether you really need a yellow skirt in your life, let me tell you this: the first time I wore my yellow skirt, I went to a casino and won $34. Clearly, the only possible explanation is that yellow skirts are lucky. So quick, get commenting!

Yellow skirts are lucky. Fact. Also, yellow skirt + denim shirt = accidentally on trend.

P.S. Don't worry. If nobody wants the yellow skirt, I won't cry, or be offended or anything. I will simply add it to the ginormous pile of skirts and dresses and shoes and tops and scarves and hats that will probably now clutter up my hallway for weeks until I finally remember to take them to the charity shop. Which reminds me, why did nobody warn me that getting rid of stuff would turn your house into giant TIP?? Please tell me it gets better!

P.P.S. Since decluttering turned out to be so boring and messy and overwhelming, I thought I'd declutter the blog a bit instead and give my sidebar a little facelift. Whadya think? (Consensus so far seems to be "fancy", which I... hope?... is a good thing. I do like to pretend I'm fancy.)

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  1. Haha , you make me laugh (in a good way, which is too say, you put a smile on my face every morning): "Hello I'm Kirsty, DONT TOUCH MY COCKTAIL :)"
    I like the new sidebar, but perhaps a lighter shade of blue.... (not that you requested my opinion or anything).
    Not decluttering yet but you are inspiring. It will get better, I am sure. And then you will have more space. I once heard/read that you should only buy clothes or shoes you fall in love with at first sight. It is (apparently) the only way to guarantee you will wear them again and again.

  2. Um, Kirsty, obviously I don't need this skirt as I have one of my own, but please can I win your shoes?


    P.S. I can vouch that this is indeed a very swirly skirt. In fact, Kirsty's pictures basically reflect exactly what I do every time I wear it.

  3. Emma - nice try. Those shoes are firmly on the 'keep' pile. I do have some serious beauties in the give away pile though, simply because I can't walk in them and so never wear them. It's heartbreaking but it must. be. done. Sigh...

  4. I am very much in need of some good luck at the moment so a lucky yellow skirt would be just the ticket!

    Yesterday we had to pack up our entire living/dining/kitchen room becaue it's being replastered (to finally repair fire and water damage from last bloody november) so that one room is remarkably decluttered. Unfortunately we've just had to pile everything around the rest of our teeny 2 bedroom flat so you can't actually get into the spare room any more and our bedroom and the hall have very narrow walkways amongst the boxes to enable us to get around. (The point of this rambling is, I admire and applaud your decluttering)

    Oh, and if anyone fancies finding me a nice red skater dress please feel free to search away!

  5. I have never seen a squirrel that colour before. Or indeed olive oil quite that yellow.

    Once upon a time I had a yellow skirt (well, dress) too. Then I went to a ball in it. Sigh.

  6. In the interest of not Blurking (good word!)i thoght id stop in to say hi...and also to sheepishly grin and tell you that id LOVE your swirly yellow skirt! Im going to be heading off to live in Dubai for 3 months at the end of August have have actually no Summer clothes!

    Im an edinburger too and find that any summer clothes purchased would be worn on the only sunny day of the year and would then taunt me for the rest - so now i need your yellow skirt!

  7. I particularly like the indigo blue you're using for your links. Not entering the yellow skirt comp - I have one of my own already! But I like the blog revamp!

  8. I'm not in for the contest, just wanted to compliment you on your skirt swirliness rating system. Well done. The world needs such a thing, because there are many skirts to be swirled.

  9. I'd love to be entered into this giveaway.


  10. Loverly!

    And I also love love love the new blog design.

  11. Not in need of a skirt but do like the side-bar. I updated mine on the weekend in a similar fashion ...

  12. I think I'm too late for the giveaway... but I wanna tell you, that you have a great blog... and that the yellow skirt with pink just rocks!!

  13. Nope not too late, you have until Thursday. Let me know if you want in! Oh, and thanks ;)

  14. Ooh, I would very much like to win a yellow skirt - I've been in the market for one for a while. Although I won't be able to fit into it until next year it'll give me a good goal to work towards ;)

  15. I would definitely love to have a yellow skirt in my life!

  16. ha! love the swirling and very impressed with your shoes :) I also have piles of lovely footwear that I cry when wearing - call them 'car to bar' and you can totally justify wearing them though would need to get Fin to go order the drinks all night..... I would like to enter the giveaway as that is a fabby skirt!

  17. I'll enter :)

    You never know when you might need a lucky yellow skirt!


    (I could do with decluttering too. Maybe I'll have my own giveaway one day)