If I were invited to the Other Royal Wedding...

Friday, July 29, 2011

...there's a strong chance I would be wearing this.

Sadly, however, I am not invited to the Other Royal Wedding,
although that may not stop me loitering around the streets of Edinburgh
trying to catch a glimpse of Zara and Mike Will and Kate tomorrow.

So, can anyone come up with another reason why I simply have to have it?

(I have no weddings
no garden parties
no christenings
and no Mad Men reenactments
in my diary at present.)

If you can't help me, I'll just have to buy one of these 
amazing, ethical, handmade Dig For Victory ones instead.
I *suppose* that would be ok...

They really should have invited me though.
I mean, my granny got married in the exact same church, 
for one thing. And I totally would have got them this:
Mainly because it would have matched my dress.

I think it's important to coordinate one's present with one's outfit, don't you?

Happy weekend, peeps. May it be filled with vintage dresses, presents and booze.

Vintage dress, $320, Traven7
Cushion, $89, Alexandra Ferguson

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  1. Oh my God I want!

    Just checked and that dress would fit me. Now, just to find the £££ to buy it. I'll find the occasion later.

    How rude of them not to invite you to the other wedding. I'm guessing that someone pointed out you'd probbers take your wedding gift home with you when nobody was looking. Because I definitely would if it were as pretty as that cushion.


  2. Rosie (aka Kirsty's Mum)29 July 2011 at 09:16

    Buying a new dress? Thought you were having a clear out?? Another reason
    we should have been asked to this wedding - your Dad was christened in this church, the guy who was minister for decades lived here in this house and more importantly, our surname is Wales - so where is the damn invite?
    PS When did you ever need a reason to go shopping?xx

  3. I love that whole shop. I want to lose half my body weight and get married again to wear one of the dresses.

    Now, I can't take credit for this find, I saw it on another blog, but....


    ps your mum is awesome

  4. Have a garden party and invite those royal ones from Monaco. You know, the rich stylish ones. Then all the other royals will feel left out and upset at not having nice enough clothes to be invited, and you'll be top of the list next time.


  5. My best friend is off to Edinburgh tomorrow to 'Royal stalk'. She said she wants to see Zara Kate and Harry but doesn't care about the others :)
    Wear the dress to brighten up work days??!

  6. Finally catching up on my blogging after coming back from honeymoon on Thursday! Sounds like you had a fab holiday and you should deffo buy the dress, some event will turn up - or can be invented! ;)

    I bought a Dig For Victory dress for our BBQ the day before our wedding! She's fab!

    Hopefully will find enough time soon to catch up on my own blog, it's been 2 months since I wrote a post!!


  7. omg I didn't realise your wedding had been, congratulations!! Look forward to hearing all about it :) xx

  8. Thanks Kirsty, that's because of all the things that went wrong and just general crazy busy-ness before the big day - no blog posts got written! Just doing a quick update now! :)

  9. You wear that one and I'll wear this one and we'll knock everyone's socks off!



    Want want want want want.

  10. Sarah that dress is LUSH! I'm in. Now all we need is an event to wear them to...


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