What I Did On My Summer Holiday

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lounged around, extensively.

Went to San Francisco and had dinner with my number one blogging crush.
I'm not going to lie, I was crapping my pants. But I think I played it cool. Kind of.

Got badly lost on the way to Napa.
And on the way to University Falls.
And on the way to Boulder Creek.
And on the way to Elkhorn Slough 
(which, incidentally, the Americans insist on pronouncing "Slew". Strange people).

Successfully managed not to punch my stepbrother-in-law in the face
when he asked us when we were going to "start pupping". Yeah.
We all know how I feel about *that*, even without the dog references.

*For the avoidance of doubt, this is RAIN, ok people?*

Had to change my clothes in the back of a car, after a gentle little stroll to see some seals
left me soaked to the skin through five layers of clothing. Including my underwear.

California, I thought we had an agreement about the rain thing? 

Snuck out to the boardwalk after dark with my husband,
where I went on and on and on the rollercoaster,
and giggled at Fin giggling at me giggling at Fin,
and never wanted it to stop.

Until I thought I was going be sick. Then I kind of wanted it to stop.

Put on approximately three stone, consisting entirely of fried food, Pop Tarts and wine.
(This is based on no actual weight measurements. It is entirely possible that my clothes 
may simply have shrunk.)

Bought precisely two things: a hat, because it was sunny, and a jumper, because I was cold.

I think this might mean I'm growing up.

The pictures are mine. The hairy ankles are all Fin's.

16 boats moored

  1. Your photos are gorg. Although you know that the one with your shoes looks a little like you peed your pants, right? It's ok, it happens to the best of us (KEGELS).

    It looks like a perfect holiday, aside from the brother in law. And the knicker-wetting.

  2. You hid the pants crapping well, don't worry. Or maybe I was distracted by my own pants crapping. This is a strange first comment.

    You guys were super charming and it was great meeting you!

  3. Looks and sounds like the best holiday! Especially the roller coaster til you're nearly sick part. So glad you clarified the hairy ankle point by the way x

  4. Hello Kirsty,
    Looks like you had a great time ! And met Meg :) and saw seals :) Hey if you wanna meet sometime I am in Holland...it is not so far is it? I just finally came around and decided to start a blog this weekend. I mean it had been on my mind for a while, but could n't quite put myself to it. So if you wanna visit, you would be more than welcome since your nice funny self has been a bit (or a lot) of an inspiration :)


  5. Your pictures are great Kirsty! dang girl, we're going to have to get you a DSLR

  6. oooh lovely pictures Kirsty. I love how you write, it is always entertaining.

    Penny, I tried to comment on your blog, but couldn't. I prefer the dress you finaly chose, such an ethereal dress, you looked beautiful. I had exactly the same trouble in finding a dress with sleeves, but plucked for just straps eventually. Well done for persevering.

  7. Last comment was to Amanda, not Penny - Sorry. xx

  8. You got to hang out with Meg AND Rachelle?! Lucky! Also, yeah, it kind of did look like you crapped your pants, which made me laugh. (Does that make me a bad internet friend?) In any case - awesome vacation! I love San Francisco. Did I give you my taco recommendation before you went? You DID eat tacos right?

  9. Just to be clear, I did NOT pee my pants. Or crap them. FAIL.

    Rachelle, it was awesome to meet you too, and I'm delighted that your first comment contained the word crapping not once, but twice.

    Amanda, congrats on the blog! I've never actually been to Holland, but I did do a project on it when I was 12, so I feel qualified to say that no, it's not too far away ;)

    Zan - um, no, I don't think we did eat tacos. *Hangs head in shame*

  10. @ Kirsty... well maybe we should organize some kind of european meetup somewhere. I´ve tried to gather other dutch girls for a bookclub but hasn´t worked yet !

    @ Katie (Kirsty, sorry for answering here, not sure why comments did not work, I am new to this), Thanks, and yeah, sleeves are hard to find these days :)

  11. These photos are great. I loved California - I went when I was 15. I have spent the last 14 and a bit years wishing I was back there! And I found it was scientific fact that in California clothes have a tendency to shrink, so I wouldn't worry about weight, it's definitely the clothes!


    ps: going through the excel spreadsheet you sent me with the baby names. Thank you thank thank you. It's my evening's entertainment sorted out - it's freaking hilarious. Only made it though some of the girls names so far. Some of my 'favourites' include: Yvie (I can only think of Derek Akorah in Ghost Hunters or whatever it's called shouting for Yvette Fielding when he thinks he's found a ghost). Yoyo (she'd always come back if she ran away!). Mignon (Fillet?!). And Liaba
    could be disaster if she turns out to be dyslexic...!

  12. Pupping? Oh dear oh dear. That makes me think of having 8 or 9 babies at one time.

    Also, having an excuse to live on Pop Tarts sounds like my dream come true. Strawberry only though, please!

  13. ME? I was wondering who was on the other end of that link, but it turned out it was me!

    You played it cool. You even looked cool. I was the rumpled mess (how british, actually), showing up late and getting quite tipsy. I'm just saying. I was mostly worried about how unfavorably my outfit compared and what you probably thought about *that.*

  14. Er, yeah, it's you! I wouldn't worry, I'm almost always late or tipsy, frequently both. And I seem to recall you having awesome shoes on and driving away in a sports car. So, you win ;)

  15. Those are really lovely and, mostly, happy pictures!
    Would love to hear what you think about this: http://if-madewithlove.blogspot.com/2011/07/good-memories-dont-need-10-megapixel.html

    PS: your blog is addicting!


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