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Friday, July 08, 2011

By me, at least. Even though the behaviour that has been exposed in recent days is utterly indefensible, even though advertisers have hastily scuttled off like cockroaches under a probing torch, I somehow never considered the possibility that the News of the World would not simply brazen this out.

The weird thing is, despite being someone who despises tabloids and everything they stand for, I suddenly feel oddly nostalgic towards the News of the World. The fact that 168 years of history (albeit kind of tacky, badly-written history) has been wiped out by a group of shameless, soulless, spineless hacks just seems so utterly pointless.

I actually have a friend (well, a friend of a friend) who writes for part of the News of the World. And much as I find the paper's approach generally to be distasteful and disingenuous, at the same time my heart hurts for this bright, talented woman whose rug has been pulled out from under her because of some complete twats with no morals who don't even work there any more. 

And are we really supposed to believe we'll be better off with seven days of The Sun instead? I'm not sure more of The Sun in the world is an improvement on anything.

Watching the BBC's constant, gloating, gleeful coverage of this whole sorry saga, though, I have been mainly struck by one thought.

She may be a heartless, duplicitous bitch, but man, that is some AWESOME HAIR.

Tell me I'm not alone...?

Images: 1. Via here 2. Rebekah Brooks 3. Rebekah Brooks*

*This may not be true.

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  1. I don't think things will change. How can they?

    I was surprised that it went down so easily. The power of advertising!

    P.S. I don't like her hair, it looks very dry (oh and evil!)

  2. Bahahaha evil hair! I love it!

    Now that you mention it, her hair *is* kind of the same as Mick Hucknall's, and he's DEFINIITELY evil - you could be onto something there...

  3. Everything Rupert Grint did for ginger people has been undone by that awful woman in the space of a week!

    PM currently throwing Brooks under a bus to save his mate Coulson - he better be careful - as we all know the female of the species is more deadly than the male...!

  4. I really dislike the NOTW, but was rather shocked and saddened to see if close - more than anything because of all those journalists (and others) who had been uninvolved with the scandal and yet found themselves out of a job suddenly. And it makes me so mad that someone who should be held accountable for it, because of her position in the newspaper at the time of the events, has so far escaped.

    I can't say I'm much in awe of her hair either, but that could be because every time I look at her I feel very cross. To put it mildly.

  5. I keep admiring her hair too Kirsty. I love that it is just so natural, not dyed blonde or straightened a la Nicole Kidman.

    I only bought the News of the World the once when someone I'd met via my job, was caught sleeping with prostitutes. I am a terrible hypocrite, I was buying into the sleeze.

    I do think they over stepped the mark, far too much.

    Perhaps the best reporters could get jobs with The Sun on Sunday.

  6. This is easily the best take I've seen on this story!

    (and I think the hair is some kind of superpower, like Samson or something that leaves her invincible)

  7. the whole thing is like some sort of jeffrey archer novel. in fact, it might actually BE a jeffrey archer novel. mind blowing.

    i'm sure that psychologists could have a field day with her hair- looks like those dinosaurs in jurasic park that flair their neck gils to scare people...

  8. It's true her hair is AWESOME. Also, can I say that as a wee American girl newly arrived in Britain I was shocked out of my skull to pick up a copy of The Sun and see BOOBS on page 3. BOOBS! And here I was thinking y'all were so civilized.

    Then I realized Americans are just 100% prude. That year in Europe was very mind expanding.


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