Jet Lag

Monday, July 04, 2011

I would love to tell you that I am one of those glamorous, effortless travellers who glides off the plane looking all elegant and fresh and glowing, shaking off time zones as if I were flicking an impertinent speck of dust from my immaculate cashmere coat.

Alas, I am not one of those travellers.

I am one of those travellers who slumps bleary-eyed off the plane in a sweaty haze, looking as if I have washed my hair in chip fat (I haven't) and haven't slept a wink since I woke up 24 hours and 6000 miles earlier (I haven't).

Having wandered around like a zombie since my return, it has taken all my remaining strength to cobble together these few words for you. I think it only fair to warn you that tomorrow is unlikely to present a marked improvement. In fact, I'm beginning to think I should have scrounged a few more guest posts for this week, too, so that I could focus my energies exclusively on the wonder that is sleeping horizontally for the next few days. But a month of guest posting is possibly (ok, definitely) taking the piss.

All of which is to say, I may be around this week, or I may not. I may have profound and entertaining tales of family holiday dynamics and narrowly-averted map-related husband-stabbings to share with you, or I may go to bed at 8pm every night this week. Who knows. They say it takes a day per time zone to recover, and I have clocked up eight of those babies since Saturday afternoon, plus there is the small matter of returning to work to contend with (no Fourth of July holiday for me, you lucky American sods), so I suspect I will not be exactly at the top of my game.

So, we shall see. All I know for certain is that I really, really, really need to wash my hair. Like, now. And probably buy some white sunglasses, too.

All images photographed by Steven Chee in Sydney, styled by Jesse Hartand featuring Teresa Palmer for Shop till you drop AU Jan 2011 via Dust Jacket Attic.

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  1. Welcome back!!!! You were missed. And I'm totally imagining you in a tweed dress and white-framed sunnies.

    They tell people with jetlag to drink lots of water and eat fruit. Don't. Coffee will get you though the days and exhaustedness will see you to sleep in the evening. I'm no medical expert but you a treat x

  2. Yes, you do need those white sunglasses (and so do I). Wear them with your yellow skirt, post it on the blog, and watch everyone (or just me) dissolve in envy.

  3. Welcome Back and Kirsty relax, wash your hair and get back into the swing of blogging in your own time. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.
    ps Love all the images you chose - especially the first one.

  4. Welcome home, glad you had a fabulous trip and looking forward to reading all about it {says the girl who has yet to write about her trip I got back from more than 2 weeks ago!}

    Jet lag is horrible; ive usually just fitted in a wee sleep in the afternoon when we got back then tried to get back into normal sleeping habits! When we went to the states in December we went back to work the next day which so wasnt good but was necessary!

  5. I just about fell over, work made it a 4 day weekend so we could *really* celebrate all things American...

    Sorry, that's not helping.

    But I spent most of that extra day driving home from Vermont.

    That's probably not helping either.


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