Thursday, August 11, 2011

(I did warn you that posting would be sporadic.)

I have gratefully stepped away from all of the badness, and wrapped myself in all the goodness of Fringe by the Sea. A timely, much-needed reminder of what a community can be

Last night, Eddi Reader brought the house down. The woman is talent personified. Funny, intelligent, and a voice that gets you right in the guts. My mum and I could be seen dancing away at the back of the tent, singing "it's got to bee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-eeee... perrr-fect!" at the top of our voices and generally getting into the spirit of things.

Today is a Maggie O'Farrell-Kris Drever double whammy. It is pissing with rain. The spiegeltent is leaking, the volunteers are dripping, the outdoor picnic tables (the very definition of wishful thinking) are rattling in the wind, but the smiles are firmly in place. This morning my mum checked the weather forecast and announced excitedly that it would "only" be drizzling tonight. Hooray!

Perfect, indeed.

5 boats moored

  1. I'm coming through for Beezer on Saturday, very excited!

  2. Fin - we wish you were here too!

    Juliet - SO gutted, I'm missing Beezer! My little brother Ali is the tall very blonde guitarist, make sure you go and say hello and tell him you read my blog - you will get a very sweaty hug ;)

  3. Aww, that's a shame.

    I'm friends with Ali! He actually recommended your blog to me!

  4. omg wait are you the girl that makes cupcakes??