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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Notice anything in this picture?

See it? No? Allow me to assist:

It's only Lillian and Leonard a picture of me on Style Me Pretty! Okay, so it's a paid spot in the Little Black Book, but it still totally counts.

To quote Cara, I know we paid them and everything, but this makes me feel kind of fancy.

(Please also note the more judicious use of Microsoft Paint here, compared to the last time. I would never dream of defacing another Lillian and Leonard bride. They're all just too lovely. In fact I think we should have a L&L party à la Emma Case so we can eat cake, get boozed up and wax lyrical about our love for Cara and Nye. Anyone in?)

Here's a close-up, just because:

Sigh. They really are spectacularly good. Fingers crossed that their Little Black Book debut brings them lots of wonderful weddings, from Norway to New York and everywhere in between. 

Actually, I think the only place between Norway and New York is Iceland, and that's not their favourite place. How about from California to the Caribbean? Better? Yes.

Ooh, and if you'd like to see even more amazing pictures of me (God, I'm turning into a right little Rock n' Roll Bride here, I do apologise) then I suggest you head over to Lucy Stendall's blog quick sharp...

P.S. New Blogger is being a pain in the arse, so apologies if you got this twice. Twice is better than not at all though, right? RIGHT?

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  1. Ohh, so exciting to be over there, I am jealous of you now haha.
    And yeah let's host a we love Cara & Nye party, I would totally be in, if you girls (and boys) want to come to Holland. Not so far is it? I secretly (and not so secretly) respect them and admire them so much.

  2. ha! And we paid for it but WE HAD TO BE INVITED, YO. They don't just take anyone's money, oh no. And we had to have a phone interview. Totally fancy.

  3. I have envy. You guys look fab on Lucy's site.

  4. Kapow indeed!

    (I'm going to invite myself because I should have been an L&L bride!)