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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Er, no, THAT's not me - keep reading, silly!

A few weeks ago, Cara emailed me to let me know that Best Scottish Weddings magazine had contacted her to say that they thought our wedding - and I quote - would "make a lovely feature" in their summer issue. Um, WHAT? Our wedding in an Actual Magazine? I know it's possibly not the world's most glamorous wedding magazine, but still. It's the BEST Scottish Weddings. Our wedding was one of the BEST SCOTTISH WEDDINGS in the last couple of months EVER!!!*

Yeah! That's me!
(I apologise for the desecration of the other couples. Microsoft Paint has a lot to answer for.)

Lo and behold, two months later, what should plop onto my doormat but two copies of the Best Scottish Weddings Summer 2011 Issue, starring none other than yours truly? (I couldn't help noticing that they have colour-coordinated the cover to match the colour scheme of my blog. Thanks BSW, you shouldn't have!)

It's a pretty hefty tome ("OUR BIGGEST ISSUE EVER!!!") but it didn't take me long to zone in on the Real Weddings section with laser-like focus. The old Bridal Instinct kicking in again. Still got it.

And there we were, in all our glory:

{Click twice on each image to see full size. If you want to.}

As happy as I am to have had the wedding featured on amazing wedding blogs like Rock My Wedding and A Practical Wedding, there is still something quietly thrilling about physically holding a magazine in my hands and seeing our wedding in print. And for family members who aren't so into the world of wedding blogs (I know, it's hard to believe) and perhaps didn't fully understand why I was so excited about them, it's a tangible reminder of all the hard work we put in and that amazing day on the beach.

Tell you what though - having emerged relatively unscathed from the wedding planning bubble some months ago, it had been a while since I had last picked up a wedding magazine. Wowser. It was a further reminder, if one were needed, of why I tell my newly-engaged friends to buy ONE wedding magazine, if they must (say, for example, if their friend's wedding just happens to be featured), and then forget about the glossies and delve deep into the wonderful world of the wedding web. While I hate to contemplate the demise of the printed word, there is just no way that wedding magazines can keep up with the constantly fresh and creative online wedding community.

I mean, seriously. Are we still doing spot colour, Scotland? Really? I thought we agreed never to speak of that again?

And are you actually telling me that these are the Best Scottish Wedding Shoes?

If they were cheap and comfortable, I would be willing to acknowledge that some people simply don't care about how their shoes look. After all, they're usually hidden under a dress; not everyone cares enough to order six pairs of shoes. Ahem. But those satin bridal clumpy things are never cheap, and you can't tell me that pointed-toe shoes are comfortable. Unless you only have three toes. Why, Best Scottish Weddings? Why?

Oh, and don't even get me started on the checklist in the background. We're not even going there. Actually, we are. Briefly. Apart from the fact that it starts twelve months prior to the wedding, so those of us who have six-months engagements are already waaay behind from Day One, it is just full of so much unnecessary crap. for example, seven days before the ceremony: "Have a wedding rehearsal (if required)". If required? You just want everyone to turn up on the day and hope for the best?? I mean, I can understand that not everyone manages to have a rehearsal for all sorts of reasons, but this is the only item on the checklist that has been given this caveat. You don't think the "if required" might have been better applied to, say, "Book the videographer"? Or "Bride get nails manicured"? Or "Groom get hair tidied up"???

Anyway. I don't mean to sound ungrateful. It's wonderful to be featured, and if I can do anything to help raise the profile of Lillian and Leonard then I will do it without hesitation, because to quote Meg, A) their photos are the prettiest and B) I want to do my part to help keep those babies fed.

Just another day at work. Via Lillian and Leonard's facebook page - go, like themNow.

Oh, and if you really want to see a wedding magazine get ripped apart, I suggest you check out HitchDied's magazine reviews. It's infinitely more entertaining than it sounds.

*(Ok, I admit, my real reaction was more like, "Really? They want to put our wedding in a magazine? Um, why?". To which Cara replied, "You want to know why? It's the joy. The sheer, absolute, unequivocal, joy on your face throughout. It's rarer in a bride than you might think." Isn't she just lovely? Actually, Cara, I think it's the crazy beautiful photos, but yes, there was certainly joy. And no ugly shoes.)

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  1. Congratu-flippin-lations! That is awesome - and well deserved, obvs.

    I'm pretty sure it was the shoes that did it.


  2. Well the photos *might* have something to do with it.

    I'm pretty sure if I'd done anything other than flip to the section with you guys in it those would have been my EXACT SAME reactions to the content of the mag. Those shoes, holy WTF.

  3. eh, thanks kirsty, i totally bought those shoes already. and have the 'arse-grab in a kilt' picture in my list i want lauren to take. ha, i'm lying. i haven't bought those shoes YET and dave won't wear a kilt...

    exciting being in a magazine! if it were me, it would so be framed and hanging in the bathroom. but maybe that's just me...

  4. oooh very exciting, you should totally frame it and put it in your toilet - preferably with the genius wordpaint commentary.

    Also is it just me or does BSW have a kilts only wedding policy? You know, just in case you might think its not a scottish wedding if there's no hairy knees on show...

  5. Perhaps those shoes are reserved for brides with really, really long feet and no toes. Don't discriminate!

    Oh they are hideous. They made me taste sick in my mouth.

    Joy on a bride is good. You'd hope it was standard really, wouldn't you? Although if I was in those shoes, my look wouldn't be joy. It would be agony, because I'd have chopped my feet off at the ankle.

  6. I thought the WTF was with regard to the fact that the chick is grabbing her dude's kilted ass.

    It makes it look like she got in between the cheeks there. Ew! Also spot color makes it double gross!

    Also! You look gorg (as always) and Fin is smokin' hot :)

  7. I can see I will have to buy the girls one copy each. Hitting the big time...

  8. For a moment, while scrolling down, I thought the pink circle and the "Woohoo!" were part of the mag, and I thought, wow Best Scottish Weddings is the best wedding mag EVAH. But alas, it is just your Paint skills.

    Congrats! Glad the readers of BSW have *something* to aspire to, as it will not be those shoes.

  9. Woohoo!

    I admit I was at first a bit chagrined at your spot-lighting of the photo of the couple from the back...but only because I thought you were going to comment on the grabass going on there, and I fully intend to have some kilted grabass going on when me and the mister get hitched next summer, propriety be damned!

    I am relieved to discover that you are in fact objecting to the spot color treatment, an objection that I fully support.

    So there.

  10. Thanks so much everyone! Glad I'm not the only one to be repulsed by those shoes. Eurgh.

    Is that Fiorentina of the North-Berwick-resident future mother-in-law?? You HAVE to email me and tell me who it is, I bet my mum knows her! (Find-the-mutual-friend is my favourite game. I think it comes from living in the village that is Scotland.)

  11. What an awesome spread. I think I like your MS Paint version much better than the original. Congrats!

  12. Yes, it is! I will email you from my real name account.

  13. Please don't judge. But super jealous doesn't even cover it!

  14. P.S. Yes those shoes are just wrong. Why do people make them?

  15. I just wanted to let you know that the spot colour image is one of mine and no matter what you say, my clients love it*

    *statement is to be taken as a joke. It's not mine and it is revolting. Seems you are not the only one over-using MS Paint.

    PS. What's wrong with the shoes?

    Craig x

    1. Don't do that to me!!!!!! I nearly had a heart attack.

      I'm sure the shoes would look lovely on you.

  16. Your wedding looks so beautiful and yes, those shoes, shivers...


  17. OMG, Craig-person, you just killed me dead.

    Way to go, lady! You're famous now!


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