Still alive.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just in case you were worrying, I'm still here.

I've been busy going on a road trip to my favourite farm,
watching cheesy rom-coms with a kitten in my lap,
dancing wildly with awesome ladies (and Fin),
becoming infatuated with doe-eyed rescue dogs,
watching the entire first series of Downton Abbey in under a week,
and, mainly, working. A lot.

 It's surprisingly easy to get out of the swing of this blogging thing.

But don't worry. I'll be back.

So, what's new with you?

Amazing images by Matte Stephens. Prints available from his etsy shop.

17 boats moored

  1. Rosie (aka Kirsty's Mum)20 September 2011 at 09:11

    Well, apart from being marooned on an island on the Southern Hebrides, all I have been doing is opening this blog every day, just in case you have re-appeared. And here you are! Don't be too long in coming back... xx

  2. Oh I love how your mom is reading you and hoping you would come back everyday (much like me). Glad you are enjoying your time at the farm. Also been busy with work, with looking for cool and cheap furniture, eating cake :) Hope you have a nice week, just wanted to say hi. Oh and I am on APW so excited.

  3. GREYHOUNDS!!! oh my gosh, get one please please get one! They are the *best* pets. Laziest, luvviest creatures ever.

    If you require evidence of their cuteness, come back to London and play with mine!

  4. Aw mum, you make it sound like our only form of communication is through this blog!! But it's nice to be missed :)

    Amanda, I totally saw you on APW but I was at work (shh) so didn't have a chance to comment - congratulations, how exciting! Your wedding looked beautiful.

    Molly, so excited to know someone else who has a greyhound - I know some people think they're not cute (cough *MUM* cough) but they sound just lovely so we're going to visit the rescue centre on Sunday and check it out. Yay!

  5. yay! I hadn't realized how bad my addiction to ASM was until I was deprived. I'm glad you're out there enjoying life though. x

  6. Did you actually do those things, or did you just say that to match the cute pictures?

    I've been getting myself a new job (woo hoo!) and getting caught up in weird wedding blog politics... What a strange world that is.


  7. I continue to gestate. That is all.

  8. I LOVE Downton Abbey! (Or "Dooooowwwnnnnton Abbbbeeeeyyyy" as my sister and I refer to it - our attempts at a British accent are mostly limited to drawing out the vowels.) And these pictures, especially the first one and the fourth one. Glad you're back!

  9. Yay! Ive been checking ASM every day as well, and was so happy to see a post this morning! I'm back at university so I read your blog somewhere between Falkirk and Croy.

  10. Peeps, you all need to subscribe! Then you get a little unexpected treat in your reader to brighten your tuesday.

  11. That first drawing really reminds me of you. Fin? Not so much, but maybe if you bought him a hat like that? Christmas is coming after all.

    Stop being so boring and get here posting. I miss you. And no, the fact that we can text like *gasp* "real friends" is not the same.


  12. Me too, glad you're still alive and enjoying blog freedom! :)

    I have actually gone and joined twitter so I can still get my asm fix! (OK not entirely for that but it helps!) ;)

  13. Hay, thanks everyone! I missed you guys too. Will try to blog something proper soon (in the meantime, I'm with Kiara - subscribe!)

    P.S. Esme, I will have you know that I did in fact do all of those things, thankyouverymuch. You can imagine my excitement when I found these pictures - SO perfect, no?

  14. Oh, sweetie. The only thing that's new with me is that I really need to figure out what Downton Abbey is all about. My Twitter feed is BLOWING UP about it.

    And for the record, I admire you for taking some time from the pressure of blogging every day.

  15. I've been travelling the length of the country with people I wouldn't necessarily choose to spend time with (vague reference to the intensely irritating work experience guy who likes to tell me how to do my job)!
    I am home now for a whole 3 nights :(
    So I can totally empathise with your lack of time for 'stuff'. But I miss your blogging

  16. We will all be here to read whatever you write. We will miss you but ahhh time!

    @Lyn Ah the joy of Downton - time to get downloading my sweet!

  17. Cowboy and I have one more episode of Season 1 to go and we LOVE it. Actually, one of the cuter things that has happened in our marriage centered around it. Just before we hit play on Episode 5 on Netflix my hubs sighed, "I want Daisy to marry Willian!" Oh dear me. :)