Rum is better than scones

Monday, February 28, 2011

So, I should probably have posted this earlier, but I was a little distracted, what with all the BEING ON ROCK MY WEDDING and everything (more of that to come, by the way. I haven't forgotten that I promised you kazoos).

Some of you were kind enough to wish me a happy weekend after I mentioned I was going to spend it with two of my favourite ladies (the eagle-eyed among you will have spotted them on RMW as Blonde Bridesmaid and the less catchy Light-Brown-Haired Bridesmaid). I thought it would only be polite to let you know how we got on. I can confirm that it was, indeed, fabulous. Here's a brief rundown:

Walks taken: One (with bonus crazy dog, courtesy of Blonde Bridesmaid).

Cows met on said walk: Bazillions

Scones eaten: NONE! I know. I was disappointed too.

Wine consumed: Lots. (Red, white AND pink. I'm such a tart.)

Dancing: None. Sigh. There was some wrestling though.

Shots of rum taken: Several. Which is several more than I had anticipated, considering we never left the flat.

Moaning: Some (mostly connected to the after-effects of the shots of rum, if I'm honest).

Hilarity: Much.

Best of all, Light-Brown-Haired Bridesmaid, a.k.a. my photographer friend Kristen of What Kristen Saw, had her camera on hand to document the hilarity. Well, actually, she was too busy drinking homemade cocktails to document the hilarity, but she did document the walk, and she's popped some of the pictures up on her blog - you should go and visit. Tell her I said hi.

She also took some pictures JUST FOR MY BLOG! My first ever blogging collaboration! Ok, it's with my real-life friend who I've known since I was 13, but It. Still. Counts. I'll be putting them up later this week - exciting times.

Hope you all had fabulous weekends filled with rum, cows and wrestling (see, that's way better than scones!).

Image by my friend Kristen

2 boats moored

  1. Herefords! (Those are Herefords, yes?) They're such sweet-looking cows.

    Glad y'all had such a fun weekend. There should always be more hilarity than anything else, I think. (Of course, certain quantities of rum and wine are encouraged to increase the hilarity.)

  2. Kristy, I have to confess to having zero cow knowledge. I asked Blonde Bridesmaid if she knew what kind they were and she said "brown ones?"

    They were nice though!


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