Monday, February 21, 2011

The Hubster is a Worrier. He worries all the time about everything, always has, ever since I've known him. I, on the other hand, am a fixer, a soother, a Positive Person. In the Mr & Mrs video my fabulous bridesmaids put together for my hen party, he said his favourite thing about me is that I am "a ray of sunshine on a rainy day". Aww. (He also, when asked what type of animal I would be, responded "a sexual animal". Which is (a) not a type of animal, (b) not particularly accurate, and (c) quite awkward to hear when sitting in between his sister and his mother.)

Recently, however, he has been uncharacteristically content, while I have been decidedly gloomy and unsunny. I find it hard to talk about the things that are worrying me, because I'm not used to it. It's not my style. I'm all about the bright side.

But *apparently* that's not particularly healthy. So, here goes.

I'm worried about my mum. I don't mean in the ongoing, general dull dread kind of way. I mean, I'm specifically worried because she's in hospital with an infection, hooked up to antibiotics, reading month-old copies of Hello magazine and sharing a room with a woman who spends the day noisily hacking up buckets of phlegm every five minutes. I'm worried my mum might start throwing things at phlegm lady if she doesn't get out soon.

I'm worried one of us is going to be accidentally crushed to death under the European Ironing Mountain that has overtaken our spare bedroom.

I'm worried that there is no such thing as a job that is fulfilling and well-paid. Hubster and I each have one or the other in our jobs, but neither of us has both. (All suggestions welcome, by the way.)

I'm worried that by the time my future children are grown, there will be no tigers in the forests and no fish in the sea.

I'm worried that I'm developing a serious addiction to Dominos pizza (TWICE IN ONE WEEK, PEOPLE!).

I'm worried that I may have just agreed to run in the Edinburgh Marathon relay. I'm partly worried I will collapse halfway through from sheer un-fitness and let my team down, but I'm mainly worried that this will not be compatible with my Dominos pizza addiction.

I'm worried I'm worrying too much.

Oddly comforting (for a non-believer) print, $20, by The Twitterpated Toad on etsy 

Top photo is me, again. I'd been falling over, again.

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  1. I am a consumate worrier. It doesn't matter what it's about, I worry incessantly. So my sympathies are with you. Worrying is no fun. But I can understand why you are worrying. I'm sending all good wishes for your mum and hoping the infection clears up very quickly.

    On the jobs, there might be a job which is fulfilling and well paid but I've never heard what it is... Or been anywhere close to having it!

    And finally on Dominos, well these things happen. Twice in one week is not *so* bad ;) Sure that'll go away once you're able to worry a little less about the other stuff.

    Oh yeah, and that poster is wonderful.

  2. Sending you & your family huge, huge hugs. I hope the infection clears up quickly. (I think it's alright to be concerned for your mum. She's your *mum* for crying out loud. Just don't let worrying completely consume you.) Good on you for talking about this. Sometimes just getting your worries off your chest helps. (It doesn't make them go away, just maybe a little easier to bear.)

    My only suggestion for curbing your Domino's addiction is making homemade pizza. My justification is that I at least burn some calories kneading the dough before scarfing half a pizza by myself. Makes me feel less guilty. ;)

    When's the marathon relay? And how long is the leg you have to run? I'm running a 5k on Saturday, and I feel completely unprepared. I've run a few times to try to gear myself up for it using the C25k plan. It's been a good way to ease back into running, since I hadn't in a VERY long time. My only advice is to not decide you can start with week 5 if you haven't really exercised in a year or so. (It was painful.)

  3. Marie - I totally didn't connect the worrying with the pizaa-eating. You are a genius. And thank you so much for your good wishes :)

    Kristy - thank you too, I know you're right, it's fine to be worried about my mum. We got some positive scan results today so that has been a big relief!

    I think my leg is going to be about 8.5k and it's not until May so not *too* bad - have done a couple of 5ks (badly) but have been really lazy lately. Thanks for the C25k tip, and good luck for Saturday!!


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