Forgive me Father for I have sinned (against fashion)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Well. That last post was a bit of a tear-jerker. I'll try to keep the weepies to a minimum, promise. Thank you so much for your lovely comments; you are all wonderful. 

Moving swiftly on to something marginally more cheerful; it appears that visiting all those churches in Rome has had a profound effect on me. Time to confess.

Purveyors of comfiness, £185, Kurt Geiger
Confession: I love my Uggs.

I've witnessed a lot of Ugg-bashing on the interwebs recently. I have heard them described as looking like loaves of bread and, on a purely intellectual level, I can't disagree. I know, objectively, that they're hideous. I was too ashamed to take mine to Italy with me and instead hobbled around the cobbles in some stylish black leather boots that are comfortable-ish... but they're just not as comfy as Uggs. I mean, can you imagine anything more comfortable than sheepskin-lined loaves of bread? (Actually, I can. I also own a pair of Moon Boots, and I love them too. Go ahead, judge me.)

Confession: I obsessively watch Grey's Anatomy.

Online, preferably the day after it's been on in America. I want Christina and Owen to come over to my house for dinner.

Clockwise from top: Rock N' Roll Bride, East Side Bride, 100 Layer Cake, A Practical Wedding, Rock My Wedding
Confession: I still read wedding blogs. Six months later.

Well, you just never know when one of your friends might get engaged. Have to keep my finger on the wedding pulse. Plus it's all so pretty (or snarky, if we're talking east side bride).

Via su-lin's flickr
Confession: I eat scones and jam for breakfast.

Not every single day, obviously. Just on Fridays. And sometimes Mondays. And hungover days. And the days when I don't have enough money on my swipe card at work to afford a coffee (scones are cheaper. It's like they WANT me to get fat). 

Confession 5: I purposely watch films that make me cry.

Beaches is my number one, I know it by heart. As a little girl, when my friends and I used to play the "our parents have kicked us out because we've all had illegitimate babies so we have to live in the woods" game (I know - wtf?), my "job" was to sing The Glory of Love in a "bar" to earn money for us and "the babies". My second favourite thing about Black Swan - after all the feathers, obvs - was the reassurance that Barbara Hershey is still alive and can still rock that uptight bitch role like nobody's biz.

It's not limited to films though, oh no. Documentary about mistreatment of children in Bulgarian orphanages? I'm all over it. Novel about teenage girl whose sister dies of leukaemia? Borrowed it from the library twenty times. Programme about children whose faces don't grow properly and have to have operations but then their parents don't recognise them anymore and it's so sad you think you might explode? Oh yes, pass the tissues.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there's something wildly cathartic in crying over pain (fictional or otherwise) that isn't yours. It soothes the soul. Beaches might be cutting a little close to home at the moment, though. I heard they have just re-released Bambi; that ought to do it.

Confession 6: I have a Dominos problem.

Don't tell me how many calories there are. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. All I know is, it's called Pepperoni Passion for a reason. Mmmmmm.

Snoozy and blonde. It's basically me. Via danncer's flickr
Confession: I'm a snooze pest.

Is there anything better than a sneaky wee afternoon snooze? Drifting off under a cosy blanket on the couch while the tv talks on to a silent room, or (the decadence!) jumping back under the duvet and cuddling up for a nap while you really should be doing the ironing. Heaven.

Go on, confess. I won't tell anyone.

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  1. I love Moon Boots, too. But only for tramping in the snow when I'm in Colorado; otherwise I have no reason to wear them. (It's not cold enough for more than a week or 2 a year to have Moon Boots in Texas. Assuming it even snows, which is very unlikely, most of the time, in most of the state.)

    Scones & jam! I've had to limit myself to only making them on weekends. This is difficult because I work from home and the kitchen is RIGHT THERE and I could make them right now, really.

    I still read wedding blogs (APW & esb) 16 months later. :) Although I might have to add 100 Layer Cake back to my reader, and maybe a couple others, since a friend of mine just started planning her wedding and asked me for help.

    Last one: I'm nearly always cold. If it gets below 70F/20C, I need a sweater or a light jacket. I'm especially cold in our house because it's old & badly insulated & has very drafty, nearly 60-year-old windows everywhere; and I'm too cheap to turn up the heat. (Not that it does any good because of aforementioned problems.) My husband regularly comes home to me in several layers of clothes with fuzzy socks on and a blanket or two wrapped around me.

  2. Kristy, you make me feel so much better! I'm not the only one! I don't get to wear the Moon Boots much either - I bought them on a whim in an Austrian ski resort and Scotland doesn't get much snow, or sun for that matter - but we had some crrrazy weather before Christmas so I was smugly bouncing around in the snow while everyone else was cursing their wellies.

    If I worked from home I would be two stone heavier, you must have much more self-discipline than me. I know what you mean about the drafty windows though, my parents' house has ancient windows and my bedroom was like something out of The Exorcist - but hey, what old houses lack in practicality they make up in charm (that's actually what I try and tell people about myself too...).

  3. I love my uggs too. (although I don't wear them outside much these days - too wet). No-one really cares in Somerset though. Have you seen what everyone else is wearing down here?

  4. Peacock Feathers - I haven't, but Edinburgh's not exactly a style hub either so it can't be much worse! It's basically pashminas, Jack Wills, Uggs and Big Hair. (maybe subconsciously I love the Uggs so much because I know I could never achieve Big Hair...)

  5. mmm yep I still read wedding blogs and its almost been a year since I got married!

    and yep I love dominos too; when I was doing Weight Watchers before my wedding I would order the really thin one with the low fat cheese; made me feel better even if it was still millions of calories!

  6. Oh and i love greys too; I need my Sky for it!


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