Dangerous game

Friday, February 18, 2011

You know the game. The if-I-were-getting-married-again-what-would-I-wear game.

Mine tend to be pretty much the exact opposite of what I actually wore.

Well, not the exact opposite.
 They're still on the ivory(ish) spectrum, still scream "I'M A BRIIIIIIIIDE!!!".
Still look good with an ice cream in one hand (very important).

I loved my wedding dress.
But some days I dream of swirling and twirling and burying myself
in a million layers of tulle.

(east side bride has a much cooler take on this game.)

Images: 1. Cineart Photography via Ruffled 2. Justin Alexander 84653. Stephanie Allin Bardot4 &5 Ouma (photography by Galaxie Andrews)

3 boats moored

  1. THAT was your wedding??? OMG. You're so beautiful! And famous (aren't you like their header now? One day we will have to meet in real life and wallow together in our Lillian & Leonard fandom. Thanks for the #ff btw, it was my first, x.

  2. We ruled out short and puffy after trying one dress!!!

    Love the image of the bride in the building site.....reminds me of that great photo of you and fin by the skip down the harbour. Still think that should have been the thank you post card image (with tag line 'your presents were rubbish' he he!)

  3. Lauren - yes, I am their header and yes, that was my proudest moment of the year so far. As for the beautifulness, that's all down to L&L - I suspect the reality will be slightly disappointing ;)

    Kris - Yay, you commented! I know, we totally did rule it out, but doesn't stop me dreaming... I love the skip photo too, will have to get that on the blog somehow (maybe "this blog is rubbish"?) x


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