Happy weekend, peeps.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lovely photo by my lovely friend Kristen
This weekend, I am going up to a place a little north of where I live, to hang out with two of my favourite ladies.

Walks will be taken, scones will be eaten, wine will be drunk. We will chatter and gossip, and admire each other's shiny new purchases and crafting triumphs.

We'll moan about our jobs, our lives, our wardrobes; there will be questions and encouragement and thoughtful observations. 

There may be some dancing. There will certainly be some hilarity. Boys' ears will burn.

I can't wait.

The ladies in question. Photos by me (Drunk. Clearly.)

Wishing you all a weekend of gossip, hilarity and scones. See you on the flipside.

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  1. wedding glasses!

    Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  2. woo hoo bring on friday! See you soon my lovely. x

  3. Peonies - well spotted! You too my dear x

    Kris - it IS Friday! See you in T-minus 6 hours...

  4. you know I realised that after I posted it.....i'm in need of a weekend!

    Will have to look out my wedding glasses!


  5. Have a wonderful girls' weekend! Scones + wine sound fantastic. :)

  6. Oh so jealous, that sounds absolutely fantastic! My best friends all live so far away that I rarely get the scone/wine weekends, I crave them

  7. I don't think you can beat a good scone..except if you add clotted cream and homemade jam...then that's pretty much perfection. Enjoy! xxx


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