Feeling moody?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Well, yes, I am, as a matter of fact, thanks to a slightly rash experiment involving a switch in my, erm... hormonal arrangements... (Sigh. I really am useless when it comes to talking about anything vaguely related to human reproduction. How the hell am I going to cope at Blook Club? I'm only at the start of Chapter 4 and already there's been porn, pubes, wanking and menstruation. Help.) Anyway, we are NOT here to talk about the lady hormones currently running riot in my bloodstream, turning me into grumpy bitch and reminding me what cramps are for the first time in over a decade, thankyouverymuch

Not those kind of moods. I'm talking about mood boards.

Alexa Chung
I love a good mood board. The problem is, I'm rubbish at actually making them. My mood boards basically consist of me copying and pasting a load of pictures into a Word document. It's a sophisticated process.

Of course, this didn't deter me from frantically moodboarding (what? It's totally a verb) in the run-up to our wedding. In fact, I still have my wedding mood board pinned to the wall behind my computer at work, a full thirteen months later. Whatever gets you through the day, people.

My friend Kristen is much more technologically savvy when it comes to these things (a design degree will help with that; a law degree, not so much). She even produced this work of art that kept me going through many a dreary Tuesday afternoon:

Remarkably true to life, I think you'll agree. Sadly, since the wedding, opportunities to create mood boards have been few and far between. Pinterest has gone some way towards filling the void, but I have a tendency to be a bit random in my pinning, leaving most of my boards looking less like a lovingly curated collection of harmonious styles and colours and more like a Kays catalogue. 

Enter: Polyvore.

Polyvore seems to be more of a shopping aid than an inspiration tool, but that didn't stop me launching in and creating a little outfit inspiration for this Friday's Any Other Party. I'm having an existential outfit crisis, you see (and it seems I'm not the only one). I tried on some red jeans and they looked AWFUL (although I will admit that my perception may have been skewed by the rampaging lady hormones referred to above) so I'm back to square one, trying to construct an outfit from the mismatched contents of my still-fairly-cluttered wardrobe.

Using my fail-safe technique of starting with the shoes, I whiled away some time yesterday idly imagining outfits that might work with my lamentably under-worn wedding shoes. And what better way, besides actually trying on every item of clothing I own, to decide whether an outfit will work than to spend a few minutes (okay, the best part of an hour) creating an outfit mood board?

Any Other Party: Option 1

Okay, so it was my first attempt, those aren't really my shoes, and I did warn you that I was rubbish at making mood boards, but even if I end up wearing something completely different, this was really, really fun. Mainly because I got to pretend I could afford $800 shoes and a $1400 clutch. As if.

Are you going to Any Other Party? Do you fancy indulging in a bit of fantasy outfit shopping? If you answered yes to either of these questions, I strongly suggest you head over to Polyvore, make up some fancy schmancy outfits then come back and share the results. I would bet good money that you can do a better job than me. And yes - that is a challenge.

P.S. This isn't a sponsored post or anything, obviously. I don't think Polyvore would welcome me talking about rampaging lady hormones in a sponsored post. Mind you, people sponsor The Bloggess, so...

Images: 1. Style Me Pretty 2. Alexa Chung by mathildl via Polyvore 3. Very close representation of what our wedding actually looked like by my friend Kristen of What Kristen Saw 4. Any Other Party: Option 1 by asafemooring.

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  1. I'm not going, boo hoo :( Although turns out I totally could have since thanks to my crappy work I'll be travelling home from Cornwall via London on Friday.
    I love a good mood board, but I'm also useless at making them. Although I did send our photographers one as a wee update, they probably thought something had gone wrong in the attaching of the photo!

  2. i really need to get into this polyvore stuff. i don't know why i've been resisting.

  3. ah, linsey, your comment panicked me- are you supposed to send your photographers a mood board? lauren, do you need a mood board? cause mine would mostly have a pint, a cigar and a scarf on it. ah!!! i've never even tried to make one :s minor meltdown now...

  4. Don't worry Lorna, it's definitely not compulsory!!

  5. Oh polyvore, just another way to waste one's time deliciously.

    I fear I may have to rethink my friday outfit. You girls are ramping it up!

  6. I don't use Polyvore, and I'm quite afraid to in case it leads to a full on shopping addiction!