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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If you know where this is from, please tell me
(if it's not Style Me Pretty or 100 Layer Cake, consider me shocked)

That's right folks - the inaugural Scottish A Practical Wedding Book Club Meet-up (whew that's a mouthful) is happening THIS SATURDAY. Wheee!

I mean sure, I haven't actually arranged a time, or booked a table, or indeed read the book, but these are just minor details. People are coming - actual people! I feel like my computer has sprung to life and started walking and talking. Cannot wait to meet all you lovely people in real life. 

If you're in Scotland or thereabouts and fancy coming along, there's still time - here's the facebook discussion, or drop me a line and I'll send you the deets once they're finalised.

Image: Jason and Anna Photography via Style Me Pretty (the rest of this wedding is gorge)

Of course, instead of devoting this week to actually reading the book and thinking up thoughtful observations and insightful remarks with which to dazzle the assembled APWers, I have instead been mainly preoccupied with what I'm going to wear. Not that it's a particularly fancy occasion or anything, but when you spend your weekdays wearing clothes in varying shades of dull, you tend to grasp any opportunity to wear something that isn't from Next's officewear section. 

I'm currently pinning my hopes on asos, which will, touch wood, be bringing my yellow skirt obsession to a successful conclusion with this little number (thanks Michelle for the link). I also have another yellow skirt hanging in my wardrobe, thanks to Emma, but something about it is just not quite right - it will do in a pinch, but I think the asos one is slightly closer to what I'm looking for... so keep your fingers crossed for me. Or, um, not, if you don't really care about my minor wardrobe dramas. Which would be understandable.

Image by McGowan Images via Style Me Pretty
(in which the bride is wearing my {imaginary} dress!)

If you were off larking about yesterday for the bank holiday, or for Memorial Day, or just because you're a big skiver, (1) I am highly envious and (2) here's what you missed - essentially me inviting even more weirdos to find my blog by searching for bizarre and offensive terms, like old lady porn and fake ponytails. It was a pretty successful day all round.

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  1. Ooh, hope the skirt arrives and is perfect. I am patiently waiting for some material to arrive (wait that is a lie, it is driving me mad).

  2. I am sad I can't come. Can I just put out a plea that noone does anything inapropriate/offensive/mental so we can have another one?! Not that anyone would :)

  3. kind of counting on a WEE bit inappropriate/offensive/mental. will be dull otherwise! also slightly concerned about what to wear. hmmm. shall try and come up with something...

  4. I agree with Lorna. A book club isn't a book club without some mental inappropriate behaviour.

  5. No idea what to wear either and also slightly concerned I havent read all the book, the last bit I read was about lobsters mating which wasnt that exciting!