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Friday, May 20, 2011

No more training, no more procrastinating, no more whining. This Sunday is MARATHON DAY. Shiiiiit!

(I love saying that, as if I'm actually running the whole marathon. Ok fine, I'm doing it in a relay and only running 5.4 miles, but it still totally counts. Kind of.)

I wouldn't say my training has been entirely successful. Somewhat to my own disbelief, I actually managed to run 10k without stopping last weekend for the first time ever, which was a huge achievement for me - and yet, I have somehow managed to put weight on, despite my vague attempt at running more. WTF? I think it may possibly have something to do with the fact that I have been consuming giant meals to "build up my energy" for the wildly optimistic runs I have planned, and then I end up splayed across the couch watching The Apprentice instead. (Don't even try and tell me the extra weight is "muscle". Puh-lease.)

Still. The race is going to happen whether I like it or not. And while my half-arsed training may not have assisted me in my mission to squeeze into a bikini super-stylish-and-not-at-all-granny-esque 50s swimsuit, we have at least managed to raise over £1,100 for Breast Cancer Care. Which, I have to admit, is pretty darn good.

I'm so glad we chose to run for Breast Cancer Care. Not only is it a good cause (obvs), the lovely team have also given us free bright pink vests to adorn our sweaty bods, set up cheering points where dedicated volunteers will give an extra special cheer for every single one of BCC's runners, and on the day will be providing a soup station, free coffees and teas, and - oh yes - a massage tent, where we can revive our weary post-marathon legs with a free massage.

(I don't need to tell them I only ran 5.4 miles, right?)

If you or anyone close to you has been affected by cancer, it's still not too late to let me know and I will add their name to my race shirt. Of course, I am running for my lovely mum, above all, always. But unfortunately this nasty effing disease has touched all of us in some way, and the driving force of all of those strong, amazing people will, I hope, keep me going when my legs start to wobble and all I really want to do is run into the nearest Dominos for a large Pepperoni Passion. With a side of chicken dippers. Mmmm, pizza....

Anyhoo, happy weekend peeps - wish me luck!

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  1. Goodluck! You'll smash it.

  2. Good luck! You'll have an amazing time :)

  3. We'll be there cheering you on. I can't begin to imagine running 1 mile, let alone over 5 (actually as result of chemo side effects, can't imagine even walking 1 mile!!) Love you lots xx

  4. Good luck!!!!

  5. 5.4 miles is a whole lot. I think it's probably 5 miles more than I have ever run. You are such a bad ass, & you can do it. If you would add my dear friend Beth's name to your shirt (stage 3 ovarian cancer) I would be much obliged. x

  6. Good luck on Sunday - there's nothing like adrenalin and the promise of a stiff drink to spur you on.

  7. Good luck! I'm impressed by even the mention of a marathon, and 5.4 miles is quite an accomplishment in my book!

  8. Oh good luck and have fun! I remember that nervous/excited/omgcanidothis feeling as I lined up for my first marathon relay. You CAN do this and it WILL BE AWESOME.