Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am in it.

The Hubster thinks I spend too much time on the internet instead of talking to him. I don't know where he gets this idea from.

Ok fine. *Maybe* he has a point. But finding pictures of bunnies takes time, ya know?

Anyway, rather than reading my ramblings today, I suggest - nay, I insist! - that you go and read this instead. (It's a post about punctuation, and it's utterly ridiculous. Love.)

I'll be back tomorrow with this month's Blog Love. Which, erm, might be kind of short. With no pictures. And written in five minutes. On the bus.

This blogging malarkey is harder than it looks.

Images by Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half, obvs. (Who, by the way, started off writing 20 posts a month and is currently averaging 1. Sure, she's writing a book or whatever, but still - HARDER THAN IT LOOKS.)

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  1. My hubster to be is EXACTLY the same, although is slowly realising that blogging makes me happy, and less stressed about wedding stuff when I write about it, which makes him happy so moans less nowadays (although I'm sure that might change when we're married and he realises I'm STILL blogging!)

    P.S. Thanks for the link to the Ted Baker dress! I had already admired it but resisted since I already have the butterfly version they did last year! (MUST RESIST MORE DRESSES - they annoy the hubby to be even more, he thinks there's such a thing as too many dresses, pah!) But so sweet of you to think of me and my dragonfly obsession! :)

  2. He he my hubby is so the same; everytime im online he is like 'are you blogging again'!

  3. haha, lucky my BF is a teacher and spends evenings doing delightly things like marking.

    The occassional TV/computer free night and date night are useful.

  4. Ditto! Although my man's a bit intruiged by the whole blogging thing, it's usually the reading wedding blogs/forums/websites that he moans about!

  5. The 'Alot' post is one of my favourite things my eyes have ever seen on the internet.

    Husbands. Can't live with them and an internet addiction. Who knew?!

  6. ah. Aidan only complains when I forget to make him dinner. The rest of the time he complains if I actually try to talk to him. I probably only started my wedding photography business so I wouldn't resent the amount of time that he spent working on his ph.d. Perhaps Fin could find a nice hobby or something so we can have you back all the time? I mean you married the guy, what more does he want?

  7. I'm learning that it really IS harder than it looks! It's not so much my husband as the stupid Bar exam that has taken over my life. I think the world should get a blog break every afternoon - how do we arrange for that?

  8. So glad I'm not alone in this! I think my problem is I just take too long to write posts, build links, find pictures - everything has to be just so. Gotta speed it up.

    Although an afternoon blog break sounds like a better idea.

  9. Hyperbole and a Half is AMAZING.

    I get in trouble for the same thing. Which is hilarious coming from my code-writing, StarCraft-watching, Minecraft-playing, Twitter-loving fiance.

  10. I thought I was the only person who loved Hyperbole and a Half, and thought that if I were a stalker, Allie would be a great place to start. I read it in bed (not that kind of bed) and Mr K always wants to know why I am laughing and why I always sound more absurd after I switch off the phone.

    Next week I take up the mantle (well one of the mantles) at Any Other Wedding and will tattoo Blogging Is Hard on my inner elbow to remind me when I'm tempted by a nervous breakdown.

  11. I find it ironic that my husband who moaned about the amount of time I spent on the internet and blogging now moans that I don't blog enough. You can't win!