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Friday, May 06, 2011

Inspired by the wise and wonderful Cate of Project Subrosa, last weekend I decided to use up our last two eggs and make myself some perfect poached eggs.

Unfortunately the situation ended up being a little more like this:

Sigh. Sometimes it's hard being me. 

The worst part was, I was so busy scraping the second egg off the floor that I forgot to time the first egg, which ended up being overcooked (tragedy!) and then when I was finally tucking into my one, sad, unrunny egg, Fin threw himself in typical man-fashion onto the couch next to me and I ended up with half a cup of tea in my lap. It was NOT a good start to the day.

I thought I would redeem myself last night by making a quiche from scratch (well, when I say from scratch, I mean the filling. I didn't make the pastry. I'm not crazy). It was going to be delicious and my troubled relationship with egg-related cuisine would be restored to its former loving harmony.

Sadly, it was not to be. Turns out that if you're going to use frozen pastry, it's a good idea to read the packet first (the word "PUFF" in giant letters is a bit of a giveaway, apparently). Yeah, I basically created a giant vol-au-vent.

Whatever, it still tasted good.

It brought to mind the time my mum made mince pies and encountered a similar pastry-mix-up disaster. She left the puffy, deformed mince pies sitting on the kitchen counter and propped against them was a note, reminiscent of those old M&S food porn adverts:
"These are not just mince pies. These are the-wrong-type-of-fucking-pastry, defrosted-by-a-blind-woman, mince pies."
Well, you know what they say. Like mother, like daughter.

So. If I can't redeem myself through cooking, I'll have to do it another way. Like... finally organising a Scottish A Practical Wedding book club meet-up! Hooray!

I first floated this suggestion back in February, because I wanted a piece of this action:

I was utterly convinced it would happen. Unfortunately, only two lovely people were interested. And they were both busy that day. Curses.

Let's not let that happen again, shall we?

So, the details. The date has been confirmed as Saturday 4th June at 1pm (although the time can easily be moved to suit everyone) and the tentative location is "somewhere in Edinburgh". If you're on facebook, head over and leave a message on the APW Scotland discussion board. If you're not, you can send me an email and I'll keep you in the loop. The lovely and talented Lauren McGlynn will be there, camera in hand, to document this historic event.

It is *technically* a book club (although I am anticipating an element of chatting-and-drinking-and-talking-about-blogs-and-stuff club), so if you haven't bought the book you can buy one here, or Linsey of the brand new and awesomely-named Boredzilla has one for sale (her cousin's getting married on the 4th so she can't come. Very inconsiderate bride).

Fingers crossed this book club meet-up, unlike the previous non-event or indeed my cooking, will live up to my aspirations. I'm thinking something along these lines:

Giant hair bows and champagne are always strongly encouraged. Can. Not. Wait.

Happy weekend, peeps.

Images: 1. Project Subrosa 2. Luis M. Justino 3. Michael Verhoef 4. Jim Forest 5. APW book club images via the APW flickr streamTop L: Emily Takes Photos Top R: Hart + Sol Photo Bottom: Moodeous Photography 6. Andrew Hefter via Where The Sidewalk Begins

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  1. Your cooking experiences made me laugh out loud! But your book club aspirations have made me almost cry - cos I can't come :'( <----- sposed to be me crying!

    However, it's cos it's my hen night so by then I won't care cos I'll be stupidly excited about having a party all about me! :D (To explain, I never get these kinds of parties even on my birthday cos it's the day before new year's eve - who wants to party then? No-one! Ever!)

    Have fun though, can't wait to see the pics! x

  2. Right there with ya... in spirit I mean, wish I could be right there with all the bows and champagne. Vancouver also lacks enough eager people for a book club. We tried once but it just didn't have enough excited momentum to keep going, which makes me sad!

  3. Maybe you could try poaching eggs sous vide - that way, being distracted is a plus, because you won't be bothering the egg while it's slowly cooking away.

  4. Your egg disasters frightened my dogs (well, me snorting at the photo of your quiche while my dogs were lying either side of me on the sofa like wee furry bookends, is actually what frightened my dogs!) I actually like the look of your puffy quiche and love the note your mum left about her puffy mince pies! Funny ladies!

  5. Sorry your eggs didnt work out; I do like my poached eggs with a hard yolk! Love your mums sign though.

    On another note, I am totally up for the APW book club, even if I am still waiting for the book to start reading it! I will go and comment over on the facebook page.

  6. Your mom is hilarious!!!!

    And why do men not understand that couches run on displacement?!