Monday, May 16, 2011

Well. That was a total balls-up. For those of you who aren't bloggers or twitterers and were wondering why blogland was so eerily quiet on Friday, it's because Blogger, the Google site that hosts gazillions of blogs (including this one), had a monumental meltdown and deleted a whole load of posts and comments and prevented anyone from posting or commenting on anything at all. Thanks, Blogger. Thanks a lot.

All of which meant that the post I had planned for Friday spent the weekend languishing in my drafts folder. It was going to be a pre-emptive thank you to one of my dearest friends for something wonderful she did for the Hubster and I this weekend. THANKS AGAIN, BLOGGER.

But actually, it's better that I have to post it today, because who knows how the weekend could have gone? It could have been an unmitigated disaster, and then I would have had to publish a retraction, and it all could have gotten very awkward. (Actually, in some ways, the weekend was a bit of a disaster - my new shoes broke, we nearly ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere, Fin cracked a rib - but we're not talking about that. Especially not the running-out-of-petrol part. Let's just say the atmosphere in the car at that point was t.e.n.s.e.)

Anyway, back to the thank you part. This post is a way of saying a big, huge, ginormous thank you to my lovely friend Kristen. (By posting an embarrassing old photo of her. You're welcome, K.)

Thanks to Kristen, I got 97% in my Higher maths prelim because we used to race each other to finish the exercises first. Partly to leave us extra gossip time at the end, partly just because we're complete and utter geeks.

Thanks to Kristen, I had a kind person to sit next to in classes after my old "friends" decided they had fallen out with me. (Why are teenage girls such bitches, by the way?)

Thanks to Kristen, I know what orange Bacardi Breezer tastes like when mixed with Martini Rosso. (Bad. Duh.)

Thanks to Kristen, I have a signature dance move that I can roll out should I ever find myself in a doubles dance-off. Um, again.

Thanks to Kristen, I one night confessed my love to Fin in a rum-fuelled fiesta of cringeworthy behaviour. Actually, I'm not sure I should be thanking her for that. It was *highly* embarrassing.

Thanks to Kristen, and her awesome photoshop skillz, our wedding invitations were the most beautiful ever. Not that I'm biased, or anything.

Thanks to Kristen, I started a little blog, and rediscovered the joy of writing every day. And it is a joy, even when it's nonsense.

Thanks to Kristen, I have a gazillion beautiful photos to liberally sprinkle all over said blog.

Thanks to Kristen, I also have a gazillion photos of me playing the cello. Outside. In a public place. In the middle of the day. Criiiiinge. (Yes, I know, I promised you an explanation - it's coming, double promise.)

But above all, thanks to my lovely friend Kristen and her equally lovely (and hilarious) boyfriend, the Hubster and I spent Saturday night in a fancypants hotel in a gorgeous part of the world, eating beyond-delicious food and spending 24 blissful hours doing ab-so-lutely nothing*. She did this for us, for no reason other than she is a generous, caring, talented and beautiful person.

Thank you so, so much, Kristen and Mark. We had the best time ever. You rule. 

*Well, almost nothing. We watched the Eurovision song contest, obviously. But it's not like that required much brain power.

Images:1. Image by Amanda Happé via Emily Henderson. 2. Kristen on the right, me in the middle, Bacardi Breezer indispensable. Probably around 2000. 3. Lillian and Leonard Wedding Photography 4. New Year's Eve, 2010

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  1. Can Kristen and Mark be my friends too....?

  2. So glad you had a good weekend! That photo of us at a 'beach party' (can you believe thats what we actually called them?!) is hilarious - we look freezing.

  3. OH no! The VWLD shoes?! What happened??

    Kristen rules by the way!

  4. Awww. Friends like this are amazing! Especially for the embarrassing parts.

    As for the running out of fuel, that's the worst. And sorry about Fin's rib!

  5. And omigod, HOW annoying was the whole blogger fail thing! Was so worried as one of my loooong drafts disappeared and I had no back up! Luckily it reappeared again on Sat!

    Oh and as well as my sympathies for the shoes, the Hubby's rib too - oops priorities Bex!!

  6. Awwww....what an amazing friend!!! That is such a kind thing to do!! If I had the money at this point in time, I would do the same for my very pregnant best friend. Glad you enjoyed yourself....sorry to hear about the shoes!!!! x

  7. Here's hoping you can glue the shoes back together so I can still have the pleasure of seeing them in the summer. What on earth were you doing in them that caused them to break?!

  8. Fear not, the Lady Dragons are intact! It was a pair of sandals I bought in preparation for holiday, they actually just kind of cracked up so I swapped them today. Unfortunately I think I may have left them at the bus stop though - sigh...

  9. Glad you had a good weekend despite blogger totally stuffing up! Lovely post too.