Do you like my new hair?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ha. Just kidding. That's not me. I'm blonder than that.

This is me, sporting my new do and, apparently, too much bronzer:

Apologies for the lame cheesy grin. And for the one-eye-bigger-than-the-other thing. Never really noticed that before. Hmm.

Here, for reference, is the Before:

For the eagle-eyed among you - yes, this is the aforementioned sequin leggings outfit

Wow, how did I never notice my freaky different-sized eyes before?? What is going on with that?! Whatever, let's just ignore it - focus on the hair, people.

What do you think? Good, bad, indifferent?* For the record, I am increasingly liking it. As my friend once so lovingly announced, several hours after accepting her boyfriend's marriage proposal, "This idea's actually starting to grow on me!". (In the case of my hair, of course, this applies literally as well as figuratively - I can already tell the short hair is going to require significantly more maintenance than before. So much for my quarterly trips to the hairdresser.)

Here's a little side-by-side Before & After for you:

Another unexpected consequence of the short hair is that I look EVEN MORE like my mum. Look:

See? Crrrrazy.

And, erm, yes, that's me playing the cello beside the sea. It was all Kristen's idea. I'll explain next week... but in the meantime, what about the HAIR?!!

*Obviously, given how I agonised over going for the chop, there is really no acceptable answer to this question other than "Yes, Kirsty, I like your new hair". Just so you know.

The second picture is by my friend Kristen of What Kristen Saw. The alpaca is allll mine.

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  1. Perfect gorgeous Summer look :)

  2. You play the cello?!?! extra awesome ponts for you. Also your hair is gorge, obviously.

  3. Fantastic! I love a good pixie cut, and it really suits you. I'm so reverting to one again when I'm done with this whole heavy fringe thing. :)

    Also, LOVE that last photo.

  4. Yay, finally! Been dying to see the new do! Totally suits you and you do look so like your Mum!

  5. I love it. Absolutely love it.

  6. OH! SOOOO adorable and chic. Love it!

  7. Its lovely; perfect for the hopefully sunny weather that is going to arrive in Edinburgh soon!

    Im finally getting my hair cut tomorrow and after a couple of years of keeping it long for lots of weddings, its time for a change.

    Ha ha altho you can guarantee I will just end up with a bit taken off what I have now, nothing too drastic!

  8. You see now you are making me question my whole growing out the pixe crop so i can have long swishy hair one more time before i'm too old thing! It's lovely and you really suit it.kudos on the whole cello thing-makes me think of "truly,madly,deeply"!

  9. LOVE it! I really wish I could do that - I had my hair that short once and it looked FAB, but I *had* to style it every... single... day... which really, really sucked. So now I'm at a happy medium, which is more along the lines of Carrie Mulligan when her bob started to grow out.

  10. Love it! It suits you so well! It's a great cut and will be wonderful for summer. So glad you shared it :) Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  11. Lovely haircut from a fellow short haired woman.

  12. Thanks so much for all your sweet comments! So pleased to get the seal of approval from such a discerning group of ladies (not that you had much choice...) x

  13. I love it! Also, I love the "Oh hai I'm just playing my cello by the sea, no biggie" picture and am very curious to hear the story!

  14. Oh my word...just found you through APW, connected you up with your wedding grad post which I loved, and your blog is lovely too! Just wanted to say hiya, I'm Anna, definately hoping for a Scottish book club meeting!

  15. Well obviously I love it, because I'm your Dad.
    I also loved the cello thing, but then you know that....x

  16. Looks fab! If only I were so brave, I've been lusting after a chin-length bob, with optional fringe, for a while now but am too chicken...maybe post-wedding!

  17. Hi Anna, will definitely keep you posted on the APW meet-up!

    Thanks Dad!!

    Linsey - that's what I did, kept it long for the wedding then chopped it off straight after - it was so fun to have a new "married" haircut. You should do it!

  18. I love it! And the cello. I wish I could play the cello, but the whole no-frets thing really throws me. (How do you know where to put your fingers???)

    But you should totally style your hair like the alpaca tomorrow. He's kind of awesome.

  19. I want your hair. And your face!

    Wait, that's getting a little weird...


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