I don't like to say I told you so.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

But, you know. I kind of did.

Some other quick thoughts:

♥ Icing patriotic fairy cakes and cutting out union jack wall lettering at 2am, when you have ten people arriving at your flat less than 8 hours later, is a really, really bad idea. The rum did not help.

♥ Never thought I'd say this, but Prince William was actually kind of cute yesterday. With his little cheeky smiles in the abbey, and blushing on the balcony after The Kiss - adorable.

♥ The structured ruffle on Kate's dress. Oh, the ruffle. Swoon.

♥ Who knew lip-reading was such a sought-after skill? So many intimate little moments captured and deciphered for us by the good old BBC. "I thought this was meant to be a small family affair" (ha). "You look beautiful" (awwww). "Are you happy?" (AWWWW). And Harry's whispered "Wait til you see..." at the altar was so tantalising. Wait til you see what? Her dress? Her smile? Her hair? Her super-smokin-hot bridesmaid?

♥ Speaking of which, Pippa Middleton: HELLO. I would get married in that dress, never mind Kate's. If I had zero percent body fat and generally looked like a goddess. And if I weren't already married. (Dammit.)

♥ I was intrigued by the two random nuns who were sitting next to the bride and groom. Consensus among my friends was that they were undercover SAS close protection officers. Ninja nuns.

♥ Anyone else think Harry looked a tad hungover when he arrived at church? Looked to me like he was  reeeally regretting that fourth Jaegerbomb.

♥ The Aston Martin!!! Loved it. Love love love. That, I think, was the moment they stopped being The Royal Couple and became just a pair of happy, loved-up newlyweds.

My favourite moment of the whole day, though, came during the procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. The bride and groom sat chastely in their fancy carriage, waving regally to the crowds. Bo-ring. But then they passed under an archway to head up the Mall and were briefly hidden from view. When they emerged, William had taken Kate's hand in his and was stroking it gently, almost imperceptibly. Such a tender, loving little moment. Sigh.

Kate and William's relationship, in many ways, has mirrored ours. Fin and I met at university; we had been together for over eight years when we got married; we lived together first; we know each other probably better than is strictly necessary (or healthy). We like each other as much as we love each other and so, by all accounts, do Will and Kate. But even so, marriage is a scary business. You make your vows and hope for the best, but there are no guarantees, no certainties. Love, on its own, is not enough.

But I reckon it's a pretty good start.

Top image via BBC. All other images by me.

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  1. I loved the car too!! Totally agree with you about them just being newlyweds at that moment. And I loved the dress! Wasn't such a fan of all the crazy people they kept interviewing who said she's the next Diana- in an unhappy marriage and dead???

  2. I was thinking of you when I saw the dress, clever fashion-predictor lady!

  3. The hubbie and I had a good laugh reading your blog today. Yes we wondered about the nuns too??
    All very romantic anyway.

  4. I think the nuns were part of the "let's have all the religions!" display. I am probably the only one who noticed that Jonathan Sacks, also known as Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, was in attendance. He was sitting right near the Eastern Orthodox Bishop guy. It was weird that the nuns got to sit RIGHT next to them though. Also, I far prefer Ninja Nuns as an explanation.

    I luuuuurved her dress. So. Great. Also - Tiggy's son was so adorable.

  5. Yeah I loved the lip reading bits! Sap that I am! ;)


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