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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I can't not mention it - after a long weekend filled with insane amounts of royal wedding coverage, I've got wedding fever. Sorry. (I said I wasn't going to talk about *my* wedding. I make no promises when it comes to other people's, particularly if - like it or not - it's a national event. And I did warn you.)

But seriously, what's not to love about the royal wedding???

Free day off work? Tick. (Bonus points for the fact that Fin, a.k.a. Mr I-Get-Two-Hundred-Bank-Holidays-A-Year, has to work. Ha! Nae joy!)
Bacon rolls, buck's fizz and cake at 10 in the morning? Tick.
Ultimate wedding dress ogling? Tick.
Hanging out with my mum and all my girlies? Tick.
Warm fuzzy glow from all the love and joy and stuff? Tick.
The chance to finally use all that crappy over-priced paper bunting I bought for the wedding in a last-minute panic and was previously just a complete waste of 35 quid? Tick tick tick!

The flower girl can't even bear to look at Diana's dress. "Those sleeves! My eyes!"

The big question is, of course, The Dress. If it were me, I would probably play it safe. When it came to choosing my own wedding dress, I had a definite tendency to favour the classic over anything too exotic, for fear of looking dated in a few years' time. In some ways it's maybe impossible to avoid this dreaded trap - the only constant in fashion is that it is constantly changing, and part of the charm of old wedding photos is the very way in which they reflect the styles of the time.

Having said that, some dresses definitely date better than others. Compare, for instance, Princess Di's frothy, puffy-sleeved monstrosity with my own mum's wedding dress from just ten months earlier - I know which I'd rather be caught wearing for all posterity. Not that I'm biased, or anything.

So, if I were Kate (God forbid; nothing against William but he's not exactly the catch he once was. Have you seen the royal bald patch recently? Yikes) I would be looking to the past for inspiration and to see which dresses have stood the test of time. Two immediately spring to mind - the super-glamorous Princess Margaret, and (look out, cliché alert!) the Most Beautiful Bride Ever, Grace Kelly.

See? Can't go wrong with a nipped-in waist and a sheer sleeve for a royal wedding, in my humble opinion. Appropriate, elegant and timeless. OK, Princess Margaret's tiara does have a touch of the Katie Price about it, but she's an actual princess for God's sake, so I think she can pull it off. (On a side note, does anyone else think Prince Rainier is trying to compensate for something with all that bling?)

But if the rumours are to be believed, Kate is completely ignoring my advice - how rude! - and going with Alexander McQueen, an altogether more fashion-forward choice. Well fine, Kate. Wear your trendy dress. Just don't say I didn't warn you if you look back in twenty years' time and regret choosing the dress from the November Rain video.

Left: Alexander McQueen. Right: words fail me.

Anyone else going to be watching the royal nuptials? What are the bets on Kate's dress? Am I the only one who actually gives a toss??

Alternative royal wedding plate by KK OutletAlexander McQueen via via OMG

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  1. Oh yes I am so going to be watching; I cant wait to see what she wears either.

    I too think it will be classic, with a tiara and long veil, and covered shoulders.

    I went classic too, I wore a dress by Sassi Holfold {who designed the last royal wedding dress when Autumn married Peter Phillips} and it was a lace bodice, a satin waist and full organza skirt, with a lace bolero for the church!

  2. I happen to love this nonsense too. I will be watching!

  3. Oh yes we'll be watching! It all starts here at midnight PT so the big debate is do we go for a nap circa 7pm and set the alarm, or try to tough it out, stay up and fall asleep at a crucial moment(we're old as you know)Thanks to BBC America who are taking the live feed from BBC 1 , we will be able to watch it all without one damn commercial.Believe it or not Al can't wait to see the dress!I wonder will Kate's hair be up or down,can Wlls get a decent "comb over" to cope with the aerial pictures from Westminster Abbey?!! No matter how it all turns out it won't hold a candle to a certain wedding in North Berwick last July! xx

  4. Oh PLEASE no mullet dresses!

    For the record, I would wear your mom's dress today. Like, right this second. And Grace Kelly - *sigh* Doing something Grace Kelly-ish would be perfectly appropriate. Gorgeous and elegant and timeless.

  5. Not a chance. I'll DVR it for the girls but fingers crossed they'll want to watch it after school and I can stay well clear.

  6. I will. I will. I will!

    I am hoping she keeps it classic and chic, channels Margaret and Grace and lets the tiara (they say she'll be wearing) speak for itself. I mean, when you've got diamonds like that at your disposal, why give swarovski a second glance?

    Don't let me down Kate x

    PS. Also I would wear your ma's dress any day, Kirsty!

  7. And update to say, my word, you were RIGHT!

    The beautiful Duchess did channel Margaret and Grace. Oh what a stunning gown, I loved it!

    So demure, so elegant, so timeless...just so x

    ps. (also love that she wore a silk tulle veil which sat flat on her hair but I'm biased as that's what I did but minus the mahoosive diamond tiara)


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