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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

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In case you missed it, there was a bit of a hooha on A Practical Wedding yesterday. Assistant editor Lauren wrote some big post about her approach to weight loss and healthy living in the context of her forthcoming wedding, and how it wasn't about dieting or being thin but about making positive changes to her lifestyle and that of her fiancé for the benefit of their own health and well-being bla bla bla.

Thanks, Lauren. Why did you have to go and be all balanced and thoughtful and healthy? Could you not just have written a ridiculous post about not fitting into your trousers, like any normal person me? Way to make me look bad. Urgh.

Ok fine, I know her intention *probably* wasn't just to make me look shallow. I'll let her off. THIS TIME.
Image by Irene Suchocki
As if Lauren's post wasn't bad enough, also in my blog reader yesterday was this heartbreaking post from Sophie Beresiner of Sophie Feels Better.... Sophie is Beauty Editor at LOOK magazine. She's young, gorgeous, successful and all loved-up with her adorable boyfriend DadJokes. She is also currently enduring treatment for breast cancer.

As you can tell from my blogroll, I don't read too many breast cancer blogs. I made the mistake of getting really involved in one particular blog, and when it ended abruptly with the awful news that the writer had died, it kind of put me off reading any more. I'm trying to keep my little cloud as small and fluffy as I can at the moment, and frankly it's difficult enough without being reminded that the story so often doesn't end the way we want it to.

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But Sophie writes so well, and is so full of spirit and optimism (and great makeup tips, bonus!) that it's impossible not to be drawn in. When she announced yesterday that she had just found out she would need a mastectomy, it wasn't couched in self-pity or fear or why-me. It was done with humour, empathy and huge courage. (I know my mum wrote that cancer patients aren't necessarily brave, because they don't have a choice, but if it isn't bravery to face down this wretched disease and somehow manage to maintain a positive outlook the way both Sophie and my mum have done, then I don't know what is.)

If Sophie's post weren't already enough to tip me over the edge, her boyfriend then left the sweetest, most loving comment ever. I won't reprint it here because (a) it's so personal and (b) I really want you to click through, but suffice to say I had to pass the laptop to Fin to read it himself, because if I had read it aloud I'm pretty sure I would have lost it.

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I'm (mostly) kidding about feeling bad for what I wrote yesterday. Our daily lives are not made up of grand philosophical statements and endless self-reflection. Well, mine isn't. For me, life is made up of all the funny moments and silly stories and daily battles with my own shortcomings, be it laziness or anxiety or my inability to refuse a bowl of nachos. And, lucky for you, that's the kind of stuff I find myself writing about.

But reading Sophie's post took me back to a comment that Meg wrote in response to Lauren's post. Talking about how she loved her body just the way it is, having suffered from serious health issues, she said, "I was just glad I had a body, and I was in it."

I think she might just be right.

*As coined by The Bloggess. Possibly my favourite insult ever.

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  1. This is lovely.

  2. Stopping lurking! (See how well I follow instructions in the comment box?) :) What a great post, I definitely agree with the conclusion at the end. You know, my first thought (before I read the whole thing, obvs) was that the ferris wheel at the top, the baskets (is that what you'd call them?) look like macarons! Random :)

  3. Love the title of this post! & don't worry, most of us are guilty of the same exact things. Meg is right, it's just not always the easiest thing to remember sometimes.

  4. Jolynn - thank you!

    Amanda - when I first read your comment I thought you said 'macaroni' - I was like, what is this girl talking about? They look nothing like macaroni. She is clearly crazy. But I see you actually said macarons, which makes a LOT more sense!

    Kate - I just can't get enough of the word douche-canoe. I'm still waiting for the right moment to try and use it in real life though... (and thank you)

  5. What are you doing pretending to be a lawyer? You're clearly a writer.


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