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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kool-aid dyed yarn via Knitting Iris (how, er, cool)
OF WOOL. Jeez.

Not last Christmas but the Christmas before, my mum bought me a gorgeous Cath Kidston knitting set, complete with kitschy patterned knitting bag and vintage-esque wooden needles. I love it. She also bought me a handy little book called Stitch 'n' Bitch(oh, how very edgy knitting is these days!). I promptly planned to knit myself an entire winter wardrobe. Cheap! Crafty! Creative! Of course, I would have to start with something simple - a chunky sweater here, a chic beret there - before I worked my way up to knitting fairisle socks, reindeer jumpers, and the like.

Unfortunately, in the 15 months that I've been in possession of this oh-so-stylish knitting paraphernalia, I have knitted precisely one scarf (with holes) and one hat that might possibly just fit on the head of a newborn baby (it was meant to be for me). Oh, and I made a pom pom, which apparently is not *technically* knitting.

However, I think the problem was simply a lack of inspiration. I wasn't excited - no, I wasn't challenged by these dull hat-scarf-pompom projects. I needed something more... expressive.

People, I think I may have found it.

That's right. You, too, can Knit Your Own Royal Wedding*. All you need is wool, patience and a burning desire for a knitted Archbishop of Canterbury. And let's face it, who doesn't have a burning desire for a knitted Archbishop of Canterbury? Lookathislittleface!!!

And if you were wondering whether Kate would be rocking Oldfield or McQueen on the big day, wonder no more - this lovely woollen ensemble is one-of-a-kind and so original.

I must admit, not all of these woolly wedding creations are quite so successful. Prince Harry, for example, looks not unlike a South American military dictator, which is unfortunate (if not entirely outwith the realms of possibility). Of course, the president in Rastamouse has a similar look going on, and we know he's a goodie, so it's probably fine.

Spot the odd one out.

The only slight problem is that I'm currently busy crocheting the entire cast of Star Wars for the Hubster**, so I'm not sure I'll have time to complete the entire Royal Wedding line-up before April. Do you think anybody would mind (or indeed notice) if Prince William married Princess Leia instead? Brown hair, white dress, she already has a title - frankly, it makes sense.

Amazing crochet Star Wars patterns (and ohmygod this little guy) by Lucy Ravenscar

The real question is, which one could be Prince Philip? I'm thinking Darth...

*What? Come on, you didn't think I'd last until April without mentioning the Royal Wedding, did you? You KNOW I love a wedding. It was always going to happen.

**He's a bit of a fanatic. Just don't mention Jar Jar Binks in his presence or he may try to kill you. Just sayin.

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  1. Awesome! You do make me laugh, Kirsty... Indeed, who doesn't want a knitted Archbishop of Canterbury? xx

  2. This made me actually 'LOL' on the train this morning.

    I too got the same book and lovely bamboo needles for christmas years ago and have managed to knit half a scarf and 1 pair of baby socks in all that time....

  3. Knit the royal wedding is hilarious. But - the ewok! He's even cuter in miniature & knitted! And that little monster might just inspire me to take up knitting again. If I can remember how to do it, I mean; it's probably been 15 years since I knit anything, and that was a wonky square...

    I hated the first 2 of the new Star Wars movies so much that I still haven't seen the third. Episodes 4-6 are the only ones worth watching. And Jar Jar Binks should never have been a character. Intolerable, he is. (And that is the extent of my Star Wars nerdery.)

  4. Wow, I'm speechless. This is just plain brilliant. Makes me want to dust off the old knitting needles and knit myself my very own royal corgi.

  5. Brilliant!! I too decided a couple of years ago that I was going to learn to knit and come up with wonderful one off creations that would be the envy of all who saw me wear them, leading off course to my very own design company - and so the dream expanded in my mind. In reality, I got about 1/4 of the way through a knit one,purl one scarf (also with holes) before giving up and then using the excuse of our new pups chewing them as the reason why I couldn't possibly have balls of wool rolling round the floor any longer! I can't wait to see which character you knit first!

  6. You make me laugh girl!

    Please do show us your result;)