The Homidical Maniac (An Introduction)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

So, we now know that the Hubster is a homicidal maniac. He's also, by the way, really into horror films. But he's not just an axe-wielding, Exorcist-loving psychopath - he does actually have some redeeming qualities (I married him, after all. Of course, that was before I'd seen The Eye, but let's ignore that).

I have just realised it was probably a bit rude of me to talk about him, not to mention plaster his face all over Rock My Wedding, when I hadn't even introduced him properly. So here are some more things you should know about the Hubster.

1. He's an amazing listener. People open up to him. I can't explain it, but people tell him things they wouldn't tell anyone else. I don't know whether it's a skill or a gift, but he has both, in spades.

2. He has stunning taste in clothes, even if he says so himself. (And he does say so. Often.)

3. Every week, no matter how he's feeling or what else he would rather be doing, he volunteers as a befriender with Children 1st. He spends time with a kid who has a difficult, chaotic family life; takes him out for pizza, or to play games, just simple fun evenings. It's not going to magically transform the kid's life, but that's not the intention. All that bfriends is trying to do is find children who are struggling, reach out to them and help to keep their heads above the water. And I'm pretty damn proud of him for being part of that.

4. He has a Dominos pizza addiction too. All it takes is a sideways glance, a little "sooo, what do you want for tea tonight...?", and he's already reaching for the laptop to order The Usual. It makes me weak at the knees every time.

5. Like me, when it comes to friendships, he favours quality over quantity. He's not one of those people who walks into a bar and knows every person in the place, but he has a close circle of pals that he'd do anything for, and vice versa.

6. Unlike me, when it comes to music, he's all about the new tunes. He's forever on the lookout for new bands, new music, new tracks to add to his ipod. (In fact, if you're very lucky, he might come back and give you some hot picks one day.) I haven't updated my ipod since 2008. How are we even married?

7. He cried the first time he watched Cool Runnings. Which he then brought up in his wedding speech. When he cried again. (Tell you what though, it was an amazing speech. You would have cried too.)

8. He is a superior hugger.

Oh, and he has a name. It's Fin. He says hi. He wants you to know he hasn't killed me. (Yet.)

Guess who took the pictures? Have you been paying attention? Yeah, you're totally right, it was Lillian and Leonard. Well done.

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  1. Quality over quantity for me too please (she says desperately trying to think of something where more is more...).

  2. Kirsty, love how you've latched onto Fin's beady eye...I too was quite alarmed when I saw the zoomed in close up and I'm not married to the man.

    @Esme - you are so right, everything I thought of was just pointless without quality coming first (sleep, chocolate, laughter...cake)

  3. Hi Fin! Thanks for not killing Kirsty. (Yet.)

    He may need to pop by with some music recs. I could use some new ones.

  4. Oh male model material there love!

  5. Ha ha ha! He's vey pleased with himself now Julie!!

    Esme and Lucy - I think shoes are the exception to the rule, I'm all about the New Look bargain shoes.

    Kristy - he's on it...