The Best Fake Ponytail in the WORLD!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Exhibit A: Beautiful, ethereal veil shot.
By Kelly Prizel Photography via A Practical Wedding

When our wedding was featured on Rock My Wedding last week (oh - did I already mention that?), I wrote that at first I wasn't sure about wearing a veil, but "after seeing so many natural, almost ethereal shots of brides with veils I decided to go for a simple long veil". That's the classy version (and also true). But there was, in fact, another reason.

Exhibit B: Hair. Meh.

My hair can best be described as "meh". I don't mind the colour (read: I'm too lazy and/or cheap to dye it), but it's not got much volume, it has an irritating flick on the right side that will. not. turn. under, and it grows sooooo slooooowly. So, for most of my adult life it's been around shoulder length. Sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter, but generally middle-ish. Oh, how I dreamt of having long, luscious locks that I could flick! and swish! and toss over my shoulder! But it was just never going to happen.

Until - I found The Ponytail.

The Ponytail was purchased in Nice. My friend and I went there for the summer to find a job and improve our French, but in reality all we did was sunbathe, read Penny Vincenzi novels and shamefacedly return home after a month having spent our entire student loans in H&M.

On one particular trip to H&M, as I idly perused the impulse-buy baskets next to the till, I spied something that looked at first like a shrink-wrapped hamster but turned out to be a long, blonde, hideously cheap fake ponytail attached to a hairclip.

Obviously, I bought it.

The Ponytail is endlessly versatile. It has transformed me into a schoolgirl, a Playboy bunny, a cheerleader, a beauty queen, one third of Sheilas' Wheels (I was a young and foolish student. I found myself in a lot of fancy dress situations). I have taken it to birthday parties, work parties, even wedding parties. Sometimes I just wear it around the house and pretended to be Gisele. Suffice to say, The Ponytail was worth every cent of that €2.99.

Exhibit C: The Ponytail in action. (Not my usual nails, btw)

So, flash forward to the wedding. I was humming and hawing about whether to wear a veil. I mean, I didn't want to be a "princessy" bride. I wanted to be like a cool, beachy, chilled-out bride. I really didn't want to walk around with a massive thing just dangling off the back of my head like a HOLD ON A MINUTE. What am I THINKING? It would be like The Ponytail! Except better! It would be like the best fake ponytail in the WORLD!!!

So I wore it. And it was.

Exhibit D: The Best Fake Ponytail in the World.
By Lillian and Leonard

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  1. One day, we will go back to Nice and replace that ponytail - it's nearly 10 years old!xx

  2. I had the same thought process! I had really short hair when we got engaged, and the veil looked totally fierce on me and distracted from the short hair. I loved it, even though I had longer hair by the time we got married.

  3. Now THERE's a reason to where a veil...

  4. Yvonne - ha so glad you saw this! No need to replace it, it's still going strong (and I've always got the veil in case of emergency)

    VP - your veil looked awesome! Glad I'm not the only one who went through this weird thought process...

    Esme - what can I say, the mind of a bride is a strange and wonderful thing.

  5. I too have always held a desire for long flowing hair - having a veil was a no brainer! I wore mine across my shoulders like you would have actual hair and I loved every second of it!

    My veil fell in a puddle after the photos though, and in that respect it was actually very unlike real hair...humph! xxx

  6. Hee.

    (Bit disappointed, though, I clicked the Sheila's Wheels link expecting a photo of you all dressed up!)

  7. Ask and thou shall receive - I know I have a photo somewhere...