Snowed under. And not (only) in a good way.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm ba-ack! Did you miss me?

And to think I was worried there wouldn't be any snow.

There was so much snow that if we hadn't borrowed my parents' four-wheel drive to get up there, we would probably still be stuck somewhere off the B9152, the top of my little Ford Fiesta barely peeking out over the drifting sheets of snow, its wee wheels spinning helplessly as Fin and I ration our one bar of Cadbury's Whole Nut and listen to Enrique Iglesias' Greatest Hits on repeat (note to self: next time I borrow my parents' car, must bring my own music).

There was so much snow that my Ugg boots soaked right through. So I dried them with my hairdryer. And, er, melted them. But only on the inside, so it's totally fine.

There was so much snow that the ski centre was closed. Fail.

There was so much snow that even Mercedes the polar bear looked kind of pissed off.

There was so much snow that by the time the mountain finally reopened and we made it onto the slopes yesterday, we were skiing in a foot of fresh powder with whole pistes to ourselves, the only downside being that it was so damn snowy you couldn't actually see where the pistes ended and the powder started. There was nothing but white. So, I may have accidentally flipped headfirst into a pile of snow. Ok, more than once. But in my defence, I had no idea the piles of snow were there until I was lying in them face first.

And now, thanks to all that snow, I can barely lift my arms. My calves feel ready to snap and even my bum muscles are aching. Oof.

But, according to the BBC, Scotland officially has the best ski conditions in Europe this week. And that NEVER HAPPENS. So, I'm happy we got to ski, although it would have been nice if it had looked a little more like this when we were there:

Yep, that's Scotland, today. I'm more than a teensy bit jealous. [Update: I just realised I linked to the webcam image. Which changes every day. FAIL. Trust me, on the day I linked to it, it looked amazing.]

Now, sadly, I have gone from the literal kind of snowed under to the more metaphorical version. I had hoped that everyone would just do my work for me while I was away and I would return to an empty inbox and a nice clear desk. Shockingly, that didn't happen!

I have so much work that I want to hide under my desk and cry.

I have so much work that I am tempted to put on my out of office message and run away and join the circus.

I have so much work that... yeah, this is really boring.

I DON'T have so much work that it will stop me blogging something more interesting tomorrow. Promise. (Assuming I have regained the use of my arms by then.)

'Hello' recycled wooden sign, $42, etsy

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  1. And what is wrong with a little bit of Enrique?? There were also some other CDs lurking in the car which might have been more acceptable - or maybe not!!!

  2. Oh, the skiing soreness. You feel muscles you didn't realize you had, haha. I'm sorry you didn't get to ski a bit more, but at least there was snow instead of grass!

    Ugh, and I hate the post-vacation catch-up when you get back to the office. I hope everything gets sorted quickly, so you can get back to your normal piles.

  3. Eep! Let's run away and join the circus TOGETHER! We'll sing Enrique Iglesias hits atop polar bears! This is the best idea we've EVER HAD!

    And, wow. That is quite a lot of snow.