Monday, January 09, 2012

You remember my abiding love for the fake ponytail, yes? Well, apparently, fake ponytails are making a comeback.

Of course, you only need to look at my blog's search traffic to know they never went away.

I wonder if a fake ponytail would work on a pixie cut? I'm thinking... no.

{All images via Hershesons}

5 boats moored

  1. Fake ponytails are not cheap! And sadly, I don't think you could pull one off with your current do

  2. I don't think they would attach to your hair now Kirsty, perhaps reach for the veil again?

    Would it upset you if I told you I could probably do all of these looks with my own hair (with the aid of a hairdresser)?

    I just read your blog traffic post, it is hilarious! You must be making the traffic for fake ponytails even worse today!


    P.S. The last ponytail looks like some sort of weapon! Scary.

  3. @Jenny - yes! I should just start wearing my veil on a regular basis. On the bus, at work, walking the dog, etc. Good idea.

    (And yes, I am jealous of your hair.)

  4. I can't believe those are fake, they're really pretty!

  5. They are great - I passed a hersheshons the other day and thought they were just for people with long hair, but it seems the looks I was drooling over were with fake ponytails - this gives me options (theoretically at least)