A perfect white wine

Friday, January 06, 2012

A perfect white wine
is sharp, sweet and cold as this:
birdsong in winter.

Haiku by Wendy Cope

This weekend, I will be mainly:

Drinking wine, which may or may not be white, and which is unlikely in either event to be perfect. Thank God I was too lazy to make any anti-drinking resolutions this year, or they would have been well and truly crushed by now.

Taking Smidgen on increasingly blustery walks. What is with all this wind? Don't they know I ordered snow, dammit?

Frittering away the hours making pretty grids of all the things I want to buy on etsy. It's kind of addictive - I've made four in the last two days. So far, I've managed to refrain from actually purchasing anything, but it's only a matter of time.

Reading the wise and funny words of Wendy Cope (I like to think of her as the blog's Official Poet). I picked up her latest volume when my mum and I went to see her read in August, but I've only just sat down to read it, and it's heaven.

Knitting a damn snood.

How about you?

'Birdsong in Winter' etsy treasury imported into Blogger using the Treasury tool by Red Row Studio, via DDay. Haiku from Family Values by Wendy Cope.

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  1. The weather gods have also been ignoring my snow request. This wind makes me sad and grumpy - my hair doesn't cope well with a breeze


  2. I find etsy too overwhelming, so much stuff! How do you find things??
    Have a good weekend! I will mostly be clearing crap out from the flat and reading Anna Karenina on my Kindle

  3. Very impressed with your self control, managing to make such beautiful treasuries and not part with any cash!

    My weekend will mainly be lying around, chatting to my mum, and working on a job application. Fun fun fun!

  4. If I had known I could have brought you a pretty snood knitting pattern along with a less than perfect bottle of rose! K x

  5. I had to google image what a snood is - but it looks lovely!

    Are you on ravelry?

  6. Thanks Jen - just so we're clear, I'm aiming for something more like this than like this. Don't want any confusion round that! (Having said that, when I was wee I did have a pink snood not unlike that second picture that I thought was pretty much the coolest thing ever.)

  7. I made no anti-drinking resolutions this year just for that fact alone. I have to admit, Kirsty... I just like booze too much.

    Your weekend sounds lovely. Thanks for making me jealous and thanks for introducing me to Etsy Treasury and also SNOOOOODS.

  8. I'm trying to get pine needles out the carpet. I anticipate it taking some time.