One year.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It comes on like an itch. A niggling voice whispering in my ear, "You could do that".

Shyly, almost furtively, I set up an account. Tentatively play around with names, a header. Decide both are shit, close the browser, write it off. No, I can't do it. I can't.

The voice persists. You can. 

I fixate on the name. A blog needs a name. I scribble lists in bed. Score them out on the bus, bludgeoning every tiny, blossoming idea with the blunt force of my insecurities. Stupid. Lame. Been done. 

If I can't think of a name, then I won't have to write anything, and then there is no possibility of it being rubbish.

Of course, a name comes upon me suddenly, uninvited. Sneaks in before I can crush it, and takes root. Now there is nothing left but me and an empty screen. Damn it. 

Guess I'd better write something.

Hitting post for the first time is agony. The second, the third, only slightly less so. I spend so much time carefully crafting these missives to the world but apparently the world isn't interested. The disappointment is immense.  I was right. I can't do it. Nobody is reading.

Until one day, miraculously, somebody is. Soon there are comments, and tweets, and sweet sweet emails, and hey, would you look at that: I'm a blogger.

199 posts, and counting...

I know the whole world isn't reading (although it's surely only a matter of time?), but YOU are. And to you, you who left me that amazing comment, you who bought me that drink that time, you there on the hunt for fake ponytails - especially you - I would like to say thank you. Thank you for this year. It's been kind of a big deal for me.

And thanks, too, to that whispering voice. Turns out I *can* do it. Maybe I ought to listen to you more often.

(I know, I'm gushing. Shut up. It's my party and I'll gush if I want to.)

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  1. Love it! Starting a blog is way scary and I felt like a bit of an idiot too starting out - still do sometimes but I always come back to it!

    I do love reading your blog. Celebrate well!

  2. Congratulations Kirsty! I love reading you, I really like your style, the funny and smart side of it. And Smidge, and all. So be proud :)
    Also you were an inspiration you know... !

  3. Congratulations Mrs! You should be very proud of yourself - you have a very lovely internet home! xxx

  4. I really like your blog and your commemorative background.

  5. Congratulations and happy blogiversary. I really enjoy your blog.

  6. Congratulations from the human Smidge!

    P.s I love that print, I have it bookmarked on Etsy to buy at some point.

  7. Happy blog birthday! :) I love this... I'm pretty glad that I didn't really know what a blog was before I started or I never would have! Yay for the whispering voice ;)

  8. Oh yes the name, thinking of a name... Happy Blog Birthday.

  9. Happy Blog Birthday, here's to the next year!

  10. Rosie (aka Kirsty's Mum)24 January 2012 at 12:19

    Well done, lovely daughter - I am so proud of you xxxx

  11. Happy blog birthday, Kirsty! xx

  12. Love it. here is to many more!

  13. Yay! Happy blog birthday! I'm so glad you took the leap and now we are friends. Hooray.

  14. Woo! Happy Blogiversary to you. Hope you keep at it and celebrate plenty more

  15. yay happy blogiversary! :) I'm very glad you listened to that whispering voice.

  16. Merry blogmas! Long may you rein!


  17. Happy happy blogukkah - well done on a whole year of blogging - I love this blog. It's the British NBB with extra pretty thrown in. Keep writing, lady!

  18. This is exactly how my blog started, except instead of being on the bus I was walking the dog, with possible blog names floating around in my head, all being dismissed one after another. I actually only picked the name I did because when it popped into my head, I was sick of using "I don't have a name" as an excuse to not just freaken DO IT already.

    Congrats on a year of blogging - it's been a good one!

  19. Hurrah lady! Ever so glad you took the plunge.

    (P.S. How did you make the background? It's awesome.)

    1. By painstakingly copying and resizing one picture from every single post and pasting them into Microsoft paint. All 199 of them. I wish I was joking. (Too much time on my hands...)

      And thanks!

  20. Oh I love a google doodle. Also your blog. Happy blogiversary!

  21. Happy blog birthday! So glad to have you on my roll!!