Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are you on Pinterest?

Get on it

Follow Courtney Cerruti immediately

That is all.

(Well, almost all. For every great pinner with an amazing eye like Courtney, there are a whole bunch of crazies pinning "thinspiration", crocheted bike wheels and baby cakes. On which, see this handy little round-up. Okay, now I'm done.)

{Images all via Courtney Cerruti's pinboards. I know I should credit them all, but it's late and I'm lazy and only ten people are reading this anyway. You'll just have to look it up.}

6 boats moored

  1. I am following her after you tweeted yesterday (might have been Monday). There are still people who don't even know what Pinterest is. They are odd, and are missing out!

    That watercolour is beautiful!

  2. Done and Done! I too am a little tired of the "thinspiration" boards, but am also amused by their ironic companion boards featuring cakes, all things made with cream cheese, and chocolate...

  3. 119 boards!

    @Michelle I also find it hilarious people with "thinspiration" or even fitness motivation boards have them alongside boards filled with delicious food pins :)

  4. Very pretty pictures! And yes, there is some stoopid stuff up on pinterest - I'm glad there's now a round up site for that!

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