We'll take a cheese fondue, please

Friday, January 27, 2012

Did anyone else watch We'll Take Manhattan last night? The much-hyped BBC Four dramatisation followed David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton as they shagged their way around New York in 1962. Somehow, they found time in their busy sex schedule to squeeze in a bit of ground-breaking fashion photography and to single-handedly bring down the British class system. There was also a teddy bear. And a lot of hairspray.

I'm still not sure the film really explained what made this shoot so iconic, other than something complicated to do with the film format and the controversial inclusion of a rusty fence. To be honest, I was too distracted by our leather-clad antihero's jolly Dick van Dyke accent and Karen Gillan's gravity-defying hair to pay much attention to what was going on. Although I did notice some nice use of light (see, I'm learning!).

However, I am assured that Bailey and Shrimpton were quite the cool couple in their day. So you can imagine my excitement when I spotted this little detail:

That's my girl! Because what's the first thing you're going to pack for your once-in-a-lifetime modelling tour of Manhattan with your married lover and the fashion editor of Vogue?  Why, your knitting bag, obviously. Told you knitting was cool. I like to think she's knitting a snood for one of her dogs (two sheepdogs, an Airedale, a Schnauzer and a German Shepherd, apparently), but sadly my hypothesis wasn't confirmed. We'll never know.

In other news, tomorrow we are jetting off on a little adventure of our own. The French Alps probably couldn't be less like Manhattan if they tried, but I still can't wait to spend some quality time there with the Hubster, my family and huge quantities of cheese.

I'll be back in a week or so, bone-weary and goggle-tanned. À bientôt, mes amies.

{Top image: Jean Shrimpton for British Vogue shot by David Bailey (who else?). Bottom image via the BBC.}

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  1. Enjoy your trip - and I think she was kintting a dog snood too - if you have dogs and you knit why wouldn't you?

  2. Not at all jealous of your cheese-filled holiday... have a great time!

  3. Enjoy your holiday, as a half swiss girl I looove fondue ! And I love those vintage glamorous pics you always use to illustrate your writing :) It's like a fashion mag but smart.

  4. Oh I need to watch this on iPlayer!

    Also, have a wonderful adventure - perfect time of year for it. (If there is cheese I'd like photos, please)

  5. Came home on Friday to find O finishing this... and ebaying the camera Bailey used! Gah.

    Have a great holiday!