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Friday, January 20, 2012

"There's no time like the present to start wearing wetsuit inspired dresses"?

There is no time, EVER, to start wearing wetsuit-inspired dresses.

Let me tell you, I spent a lot of time in a wetsuit during my teenage years, and I am not going back there. I don't care if "the super tight fabric makes for perfect body contouring". It also makes for the stench of rotting dolphin in your airing cupboard.

(Not literally. It's not like I was out harpooning dolphins in my spare time. And anyway, harpoons are so last season.)

What's next? High-heeled flippers?

No. Just no.

Blogger Who Refuses To Take Nautical To The Next Level

I really wanted to find a way to work Zena Holloway's dreamy underwater fashion photography (possibly the only occasion where a wetsuit dress and flipper heels might actually be appropriate) into this post, but I couldn't, so you'll just have to take a look for yourselves. Happy weekend, people.

Images: 1. Michael Kors Resort 2012 Collection via Fashionologie. 2. High-tide heels by Paul Schietekat via Metro.

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  1. *eyes fall out of head* The day I entertain a wet suit inspired dress is the day I need shot

  2. Oh, you do make me chuckle!

  3. Ha! High heeled flippers just made me snort out loud! Brilliant!

  4. I missed you Kirsty. So glad you're back at it again. Though the question remains, why did you spend so much of your youth in a wetsuit?

  5. I literally thought to myself - is it April 1st already?

    Just no. Except maybe on Halloween.

  6. Amen honey!
    Wetsuits are practical not pretty ha ha

  7. As someone who has had to wear a wetsuit on numerous occasions too, I would highly disagree that "the super tight fabric makes for perfect body contouring". Neoprene does strange things to the human form, squishing you down in odd places. Even if you have the best bod in the world, a wetsuit still flattens everything in a most disturbing manner. And the smell! So no, just no.