This is not a wedding blog. It has never been a wedding blog. But it's fair to say that if it weren't for our wedding, I would never have started writing it. Wedding blogs are like a gateway drug to hardcore blogging crack, and I am well and truly hooked.

It's also fair to say that, considering this is not a wedding blog, I've managed to talk a hell of a lot about our wedding. So for those of you who, like me, still suffer occasional cravings for that delicious wedding buzz, I've gathered together all things to do with our wedding in one glorious place. You're welcome.

How it began

It was a rainy day in December. My birthday, as it happens. Fin proposed, I said yes, we both thought we were going to vomit. The stuff dreams are made of.

Who I married

A homicidal maniac. Should I be worried?

Who took the pictures

Lillian and Leonard. Who have now quit wedding photography. But it wasn't our fault! At least I hope not. Although I did make Cara walk the entire length of North Berwick beach while five months pregnant with twins, which in hindsight was a terrible thing to do. Sorry, lady.

What I wore

The best fake ponytail in the WORLD, by which I mean a pretty pretty veil that I made with my own fair hands. Then, because why stop at one home-made hair accessory when you can have two, I whipped up a DIY hair flower, as featured on Rock My Wedding (and as used by a gorgeous reader to adorn her head for her own wedding). 2010 was most definitely the year of the hair flower.

Oh and I wore some shoes. But not fancy ones.

And in between the veil and the shoes, there was a dress. A slinky, sparkly, mermaid dress that made me feel like a million dollars. But it hasn't stopped me playing the game. You know, the if-I-were-getting-married-again-what-would-I-wear game. Maybe it would be one of these frothy concoctions. Or this sleek little designer number. Or perhaps, in an alternate universe, I would take mermaid to the next level in midnight blue sequins or darkest black velvet. It's a fun game. You should try it.

Our ceremony

Looked like this. It felt pretty damn great as well.

How we celebrated

My dad and brother performed a ukelele-mandolin duet that made everyone cry. I am personally of the opinion that every wedding should have a ukelele-mandolin duet.

There were also vegetables wrapped in other vegetables, a dastardly bouquet heist, kazoos, and sweaty shins. Oh yeah, we know how to have a good time.

How long married bliss lasted

Until approximately one minute after returning from our honeymoon. But let's not talk about it.

Where our wedding was featured

You can see all the pretty details and handmade goodness on Rock My Wedding (Part 1 is here, Part 2 here).

I wrote about some of the harder parts of wedding planning in my graduate post for A Practical Wedding.

The Any Other Woman girls indulged my tendency towards waffling and being bossy (I'm sure you're shocked) when I picked just one favourite wedding picture for Any Other Photo.

Then we were in AN ACTUAL MAGAZINE OH MA GAWD!!! Ahem.

And I was kind of on Style Me Pretty too. Sort of. If you squint your eyes. Whatever, it still totally counts.

What I thought about the whole shebang

Getting married is like getting on a rollercoaster. Trust me, it is. Just go with it.

Advice for a happy marriage

From small children. From 1938. From our guests (disclaimer: they were almost certainly drunk at the time this advice was dispensed).

Why weddings matter

Because sometimes, bad things happen. Marriages end too soon. But if anything is guaranteed to bring light and joy and healing on even the darkest of days, it's a wedding.

All images by Lillian and Leonard Wedding Photography