Babies ≠ Pets

Thursday, December 15, 2011

One of my dearest friends has just announced that she and her husband are having a baby. Cue high-pitched squeals and the immediate perusing of etsy for all the little tiny baby things. Even though sometimes it feels like I am surrounded by babies, thanks to all you amazing internet ladies who make motherhood look fun and even - gasp! - kind of cool, in fact she is the first of my "real-life" friends to get pregnant, so excitement levels are through the roof.

"I can't believe she's going to have a baby," I said to Fin, for the millionth time since we got the call.

"I know," he replied.

A pause.

"Kind of makes getting a pet look a bit less impressive, doesn't it?"

Yes, Fin. Yes it does.

{Image by Jamie of a desert fete}

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  1. of course your friend's news is HUGE AND EXCITING but that doesn't make your pet adoption any less AWESOME AND RAD :)

  2. Pets still really impressive. Trust.

  3. Rosie (aka Kirsty's Mum)15 December 2011 at 17:23

    Aw, Smidgen is very impressive! I am excited about the baby news too - your first pal with a wee one - but still proud of you both for taking in a rescue dog. Can't wait to give her her Christmas pressies.....

  4. Kirsty this made me laugh so much. Pesky pregnant women weeing all over your impressive pet-adoption achievements!

  5. Ah ha ha this made me laugh out loud!

  6. Dog adoption trumps making a baby imho - hugely admirable, not enough people do it and in the words of a quote by 'unknown' "until one has loved a dog a part of one's soul remains unawakened"! (And you'll never go through the terrible twos or kevin-esque teens with a fur-baby!)