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Monday, April 18, 2011

Urgent announcement: it has come to my attention that this blog has a hotties tag that thus far has been grossly under-utilised. This is very remiss of me and I would like to apologise for my oversight. Allow me to remedy the situation immediately.

Hello lover.

I thought you might like to know that Eric Bana is my number one celebrity crush. Not only is he handsome, charming and super talented (let's just not talk about The Time Traveller's Wife, ok?), but he's also a comedian. Gorgeous AND hilarious? It's almost too much.

(Erm, still love you more though Hubster! Mwah!)

In case you didn't know, Mr. Bana (I can't call him Eric, Eric makes me think of either the Prince in The Little Mermaid or my dad, neither of which is ideal) is also Australian. I have never been to Australia, but I'm thinking I need to go there. Like now. Because, apparently, it's not just the female population that consists of Aussie babes*. Behold:

Hugh Jackman. My other other boyfriend.
Ok, not now, obviously. But back then? You know it.
Ha. Not.

I think these are all pretty standard, socially-acceptable man-crushes (apart from Peter Andre. That would not be acceptable. Ever). Recently, however, it has become apparent that my friends are not all as discerning as I like to think I am when it comes to their celebrity pin-ups.

Here are some of the bizarre crushes that were exposed during a recent conversation:

I will never understand this one. Look at the HAIR, people!

Jon Snow? Really?
Andrew Marr. Sex god.

I will not name and shame the friends in question (*cough* Kristen *cough*) but suffice to say I was appalled.

Anyone else got any weird secret crushes? Or is it just my friends? Tell me I'm not the only one who wants to run away with Eric Bana and raise little funny bearded Aussie babies...

*I can't believe that's the second time I've linked to that. Sigh.

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  1. Yes, i can see the Eric Bana thing sort of and i actually really like the time traveller's wife! Hugh Jackman i totally get but the number 1 Australian and actually most beautiful man in the world and possessor of the most heart-melting smile of all time (and sadly no longer with us) has got to be Heath Ledger who i've been in love with since i first saw him in cheesy tv show Roar back in 1997.
    As for fugly crushes mine used to be James Gandolfini but only as Tony Soprano (i know, i know. I've got issues!)

  2. Hee. Our Cara's got a bit of a thing for Jon Snow too!

  3. my number one Australian crush is Noah Taylor, which is weird in and of it's self.

    However you do your country a disservice for not meantioning: James McAvoy (!!!!) Oh holy goodness. He is the most beautiful sexy thing, and a strong-ish Scottish accent never hert anyone.

  4. Jon Snow and Kevin McCloud. Yes please!

  5. It's all about Colin Firth for me. Oh Mr Darcy!

  6. I'm glad I am not alone in my Jon Snow appreciation.....or Kevin McCloud! Ha ha!

  7. Well HELLO there!

    I'm a Jason Statham girl. Although I do share a bit of a Sean Connery appreciation with my mom.

  8. My dirty little secret crush is Phil Spencer from Location Location Location. I know, I know, it's wrong, but there's something about his cheeky smile and flirtatious banter with Kirstie.

    Also my mother and I share a thing for Alan Rickman - although more in the Truly Madly Deeply days than the Harry Potter ones.

  9. Hee Fin just read through all your comments and said "girls have a really weird take on things". I'm not sure whether it was Kevin McCloud (twice?!) or Alan Rickman that pushed him over the edge.

    Lauren - one of my friends actually snogged James McAvoy when she was at school! Claim to fame!

  10. My other boyfriend has always been and will always be Heath Ledger. My cousin, my sister, and a friend of mine all texted and/or called me when he died to let me know and/or make sure I was okay. True story.


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