I didn't write a post because I was busy doing THIS

Thursday, April 14, 2011

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ATTENTION: anyone who is on Twitter - have you tried this??? It's a thingy (yes that is a technical computing term) that predicts what your next tweet will be, based on your previous tweets. 

Oh. My. God. 

Since I spent approximately two hours playing with this last night, I thought I would be generous and share with you, dear readers, some of the trends I spotted in my predictions. You're welcome.

1. I appear to use the words "lovely", "woop" and, oddly, "cutlery" worryingly often.

Who doesn't love cutlery?

2. Also the phrase "suck balls" (I have no idea).

Just to be clear.

 4. Twitter seems to think I'm a sex spammer...

So true!
I don't know any Turkish guys, I swear.

5. ...and a serial killer....

Must die, bla bla. Whatever. At least I've saved you the choice.

6. ...and just an all-round egotistical beeyatch.

Your blog is okay, I guess...
Ok, the shoes bit is a fair point, but I do NOT vividly remember being beautiful, hilarious or indeed requested.

7. I am waaay more enthusiastic on Twitter than I am in real life.

Well, it is a good word. And I am desperate for lovely comments. But what's with the excessive punctuation?

Anyway, if you're on Twitter I highly recommend you give this a go. Hours of fun. If you're not, JOIN NOW AND FOLLOW ME (because after seeing my future tweets, why wouldn't you?). If you're looking for an equally effective method of procrastination I suggest you go and check out this anagram builder over on the ever hilarious Another Damn Life (thanks to Rachel for the reminder! Cos I really need another way to suck time out of my day! Oh wow I really do use a lot of exclamation marks!!)

And I leave you with this final thought.

You're telling me it only just got ridiculous?

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  1. I'm so glad I didn't wait to read this at work because your future tweets have sent me into a fit of giggles. Wow, Kirsty, I bow down to your love of cutlery and overuse of punctuation.
    And here's one from my future tweets:
    My working week are absolutely shocking. Hot cross buns are freaking me neither.

  2. Hi Kirsty, i'm de-blurking! Found your blog via APW (where, technically, i'm a pre-engaged wedding blog stalker, must de-blurk there sometime too!). Just wanted to say you are a very funny lady! Read your latest post at the bus stop this morning and was the recipient of some really odd looks from fellow commuters due to the spluttering laughs escaping from me, despite my best attempts to blend in with the usual grumpiness. Not just dainty little giggles unfortunately, proper awkward can't stop to breathe laughter. So thank-you for that! Hilarious!

  3. Is THIS what I'm missing out on not being on Twitter?!

  4. Hmmm, maybe I should join twitter too! Much hilarity!! (Fellow exclamation mark overuser!)


  5. I just made a ridiculous series of unattractive noises, in an attempt to keep from giggling in my office. tears! tears came out! so funny. that site is wayyy too fun. I like the image at the top, "the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." awesome. enabling, but awesome.

  6. Yay, hi Megs! I love it when a blurker comes out of hiding!

    Esme - yes, yes it is. Join, immediately. You too, Bex.

  7. Oh, funny! I was wondering what that next tweet stuff was all about! :) following you on twitter!

  8. HAHAHAH!!

    I was laughing hysterically, to the point my boss had to come see what's up...good thing it's after five.

  9. I know this is months too late (don't ask me why I wasn't following you sooner, I don't know either), but this is the funniest frickin post I've ever read! EVER!


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