5 things I realised this weekend.

Monday, April 11, 2011

1. Short hair rocks.

Thank you so much for all your support on the hair thing. You are all lovely... and so is my new hair! I mean,  it's a BIG change and it will take a bit of getting used to (style it the wrong way and I look about as edgy as a mushroom), but overall I kind of love it. 

I'll post a picture soon, I promise. Once I take one that doesn't make me look like a total moron. (Turns out a cool new haircut is not enough to counteract my stupid photo face. Sigh.)

2. Meeting new people can actually be fun!

The cool new haircut was enough to inspire me to throw on the Lady Dragons and take them on their first spin, when the Hubster and I met up with the fabulous Lauren McGlynn on Saturday. You might recall her as one of my original Lens Ladies (not, sadly, "Len's Ladies", although whoever Len is he is one lucky guy). She and her husband are the sweetest people ever and we had a great time discussing weddings, the US healthcare system, and who is the one person in history that Fin would go back in time to assassinate (George Lucas circa 1990, if you're interested). 

None of my worst fears (awkward silences, being looked at like a weirdo, invitation to a swingers' party) were realised. So, yay for meeting internet friends! I highly recommend it.

3. Me and Fin are MFEO.

Back to the shoes. (With me, it always comes back to the shoes.) When we eventually got home and I kicked the Lady Dragons off my poor blistered feet (does anybody know if plastic wears in?) they landed next to Fin's trainers. That's when I noticed it: we have matching shoes! Well, fine, his don't have big peach hearts on them, but they're exactly the same colour and they're both equally awesome, so I think it's close enough. We are so clearly made for each other. Because, of course, shoes are the best indicator of relationship compatibility. Duh.

4. I need to get a decent camera. And then learn how to use it.

Have you seen the state of these pictures? Nuff said.

5. I really need to hoover.

See above.

Speaking of shoes, and George Lucas, a new men's clothes shop just opened in Edinburgh and Fin came home raving about these hideous things. Hmm. Maybe we're not so compatible after all.

And speaking of... well, nothing really, but I had to mention it - did you know there was an Anthropologie opening in Edinburgh??? Hello beautiful overpriced American goodies. Goodbye bank balance.

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  1. Am very excited to see your new short hair! As you can see from my avatar, i'm a fan of the pixie crop! That said i decided after our wedding that i wanted one more opportunity to swish my hair before i'm too old so am currently going through the frustrating process of growing - currently looking like victoria wood circa early 90s-not a great look! Yay for a successful meet up with one of that man of mystery, Len's ladies as well!

  2. Did I just miss the Scottish APW meet-up??! ;) Nice carpet and nice shoes, but I always had a sneaking suspicion those LadyDragons weren't as comfy as people said!

  3. Aidan is still making fun of me for smelling your shoes...

    Who is this Len? Does he give back rubs?

    Lovely to meet both you and Fin, x

  4. Your shoe pictures? Adore.

    Can't wait to see the hair!!!

    And erm, I've actually had those weird swinging invitations. But only from people I met via work, or in real life. Internet people? Lovely!

  5. Sooo excited to see the hair!!

  6. Random but I love your rug - where's it from?

    Anthropologie is DANGEROUS. I went to the one on Regent St last year and had to hang onto my credit card for dear life. Thank goodness Bristol hasn't got one... yet...

    PS Looking forward to seeing the hair!

  7. Linsey, no don't worry! I will keep you posted when that one happens...

    Lauren - he is clearly just jealous that he didn't get to smell them.

    Jolynn - WTF??? You have had multiple invitations to swingers parties? I feel a bit left out now.

    Helen - the rug is from John Lewis (wedding present, like everything we own): http://www.johnlewis.com/21034/Style.aspx

    And yes, hair pictures will follow shortly, I promise!

  8. Oh. My. God. I had to beg Kamel not to buy limited edition star wars shoes right before Christmas because I knew my grandmother was buying him nice, classy, nikes. Sigh. BOYS.

  9. Ah yes, anthro is certainly a dangerous place.

    P.S. I still owe you prettiness. It is coming! I promise.

  10. Lauren, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has to deal with these major relationship issues.

    Anna - yay! Exciting!

  11. Hello! I have to admit I am guilty of 'blurking' - I'm shy- but since you insist, I offer you a comment as a sincere apology. Love (LOVE) the shoes Kirsty. Your shoes. I just bought some pretty spectacular shoes myself. Not me at all. I'm getting that scary Lady Gaga vibe (translucent purple heels). A wee early birthday present to myself. Also very excited to see the new hair. Oo :)

  12. Yay, hi Gayle! The shoes sound FAB-u-lous - hope they are more comfy than mine were... x

  13. hi, popping my head out of my blurking hole to say i am totally in for an APW meetup in edinburgh, whenever it may be! yay for meeting new people!

  14. Hey Lorna! So excited that a Scottish APW meet-up might (WILL) actually happen this time - will keep everyone posted. In the meantime, stick around - no more blurking :)

  15. Glad your meet went well; it is good meeting strangers from the internet even if other people do think its strange!


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