Any Other Wedding (Take 2)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remember this post that I wrote for Any Other Wedding, as part of International Women's Day? Well, the gorgeous Clare and Aisling over at AOW (seriously, have you seen them? They are beeyootiful!) have very kindly agreed to have me back for another guest post. Yeah, I was surprised too, given that the first time I was meant to be writing about womanhood and ended up waffling away about French Fancies. True to form, this time I was meant to be writing about wedding planning and ended up wittering on about my parents' satellite TV package. Must. Start. Sticking. To. The. Subject.

Anyway, if you would be so kind as to pop over and have a read, that would be very much appreciated. Maybe even leave a wee comment? You know I'll love you forever if you do...

(Also, bonus points if you can spot the Smiths lyric that I randomly included in the post. Yes, that's right, I have started talking in 1980s song lyrics. Clearly I have been spending waaay too much time with the Hubster.)

Just in case you were thinking of NOT clicking through to Any Other Wedding (ER, WHY NOT?), I thought I might take a leaf out of Lauren's book and post a little teaser here to whet your appetite:

"Unfortunately, I had forgotten the First Universal Law of Television: the more channels you have, the fewer the programmes that are actually worth watching. I had worked my way through the usual channels without success and desperation was setting in as I scrolled further and further downwards, edging dangerously close to the realm of Russian news channels and obscure sporting events, when a programme title caught my eye.

I should have known better. I knew I would regret it, I could tell from the title, but I couldn't stop myself. I clicked 'View'
And suddenly I found myself watching the most horrifying, rage-inducing programme I have ever seen..."

Dun dun dunnnnnnn....

Click here to read the rest. (Um, it gets better. Hopefully.)

Images of Aisling and Clare by Lucy Stendall - click here to see the whole shoot, also featuring the beautiful Anna K

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  1. Rosie (aka Mum)12 April 2011 at 13:32

    Another cracker, dear, thoroughly enjoyed your bit in AOW, especially as I watched the awful TV programme with you. So glad I had my second Vodka Martini to hand to dull my senses as we watched!

  2. Thanks mum! And yes, I think Vodka Martinis may be the answer... xxx


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