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Friday, April 22, 2011

One of my many favourites, by Lillian and Leonard (obvs)

I'm back on Any Other Wedding again. I know! It's getting ridiculous.

First I was there wittering on about being a lawyer, then I was lambasting the makers of this televisual monstrosity, now I'm going on about my own wedding (because, clearly, I don't talk about it enough. Ha).

In all seriousness, I am trying to cut down a bit on the wedding chat on the blog. You're right, you're right, I've made these promises before, but this time I really mean it. On Sunday it will be 9 months since we got married, and even I am starting to realise it's probably time I started boring entertaining you with something else. The only problem is, I *like* weddings - they're so pretty and fun and just cheerful. So, my solution to this thorny conundrum is to talk about weddings on other people's blogs! It's GENIUS.

To that end, today I am honoured and delighted to take part in AOW's Any Other Photo series, which involves choosing one - and only one - favourite wedding photo to share with their readers. As I'm sure you will appreciate, this was extremely difficult for me. You know how I feel about Lillian and Leonard. I want to eat up every single one of their photos. (I also wouldn't mind nibbling their babies, but that's not strictly relevant. Those cheeks, though! Nom nom nom.)

After much debate - and I mean MUCH - I finally chose a photo that best represented how I feel about our wedding, and weddings in general. You can see it, and read why I picked it, here. But I'm still not convinced it's my favourite - it's just soooo hard to pick.

So, out of interest, I'm throwing this one out to you guys. Here is L&L's blog post on our wedding - which photo would you have picked?? I'm genuinely interested to know, so make sure you come back and tell me. And I'm giving you a whole four days to do it while I'm off for the long Easter weekend (thank God - literally, ha - for bank holidays), so if you get tired of eating chocolate or conversing with your relatives, here's your perfect time-wasting activity! You're welcome.

But! Before you all run off to L&L's blog, don't forget to visit Any Other Wedding to see which one I finally chose...

See you on Tuesday - have a lovely weekend peeps.

Via M&S. Yum.

Side note: those of you who have visited Lillian and Leonard's blog before might notice that they've just changed their header so it's no longer a picture of me. HOW RUDE. Don't worry though, I still love them. I'm less keen on the usurpers though - I mean, who are this "Clover and Dan" anyway? I just hope they appreciate their privileged position as much as I did. *Sniff.* I'm totally fine with it though. Clearly.

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  1. I think I love this one the best:

    Something about the joy on everyone's faces and the kid frolicking in the background, I'm actually welling up- oh dear I am such a sap.

  2. Ah, good choice! Yes I love that one too, it got a whole A4 page in the album I made up for my parents. Those girls had the most fun ever that day. Smiling just thinking about it :)

  3. OH MY GRACIOUS!!! Your wedding is so beautiful (you're so beautiful!) and your beaches and the love, AH!

    I love the group one where you're making funny face and Fin's looking off to the (his right) left.

  4. They are all sooooo lovely! I do like the one at the alter when you are both kissing- it looks romantic and the congregation look relaxed and happy too(esp your mum in the background. Oo also the B&W one with Fin and his eyebrows up, looking like a male model while getting dressed.I also love all the beach photos, esp the one with you walking along and the guy sitting on the wall putting on his little boys shoes but starring in awe at you both- what do you think he in thinking just then?
    Don't stop blogging about your wedding- it is still fun and cheerful! :)

  5. Jolynn - do you mean this one? I love that one too! (So much I used it twice, in fact - it's here as well: Oh and thank you :)

    Julie - shhh, you have to stop saying Fin looks like a male model, he's getting a big head! I love all of those ones you picked - I think the guy on the wall is just thinking, "why the hell is there a bride and groom walking along the seafront eating an ice cream??"

  6. Thats so weird. I wrote a post on just how long after 'i do' could i still follow wedding blogs and referred to the blogs our wedding had been featured on. Just the other day!! I can totally relate as i just love seeing what other folks weddings are like! I did any other photo at the start of the month too and just love Any other wedding as they talk about the whole marriage thing and not just the big day! I love the photo you chose btw!

  7. I was very touched by the picture of you looking into Fin's eyes during the vows - very sweet because you were plainly wholly in the moment. Followed, of course, by any of the pictures with my charming daughters in them.

  8. PointyPix - I know, I saw your post and totally knew what you meant! It's tricky isn't it? I mean I would never buy a wedding magazine - that would be weird - but a wee sneaky peek at a blog doesn't seem so bad...

    Colin - I love that one too, it's the only one we have framed actually :) Oh and yes all the ones of the girls are adorable, of course.


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