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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I wasn't going to post anything today. The Hubster is getting mightily sick of me tapping away at the laptop every evening (I can't help it ok? Blogging is FUN!) and I promised him a day off. So this isn't really a proper post. It doesn't count. At all. 

I just thought you might be interested to know that, after my weekend of lusting after a certain pair of sweet-smelling, heart-encrusted, retrolicious shoes, yesterday the evidently psychic Rock n' Roll Bride tweeted a link to 20% off said shoes. With free delivery. For one week only.


So, as directed by the Universe, I *may* have just bought these little babies:

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon in Violet, £110 £88, Hervia


4 boats moored

  1. oh can't wait to see (and smell!) them! Lovely. x

  2. Oh. My. I've had my eyes on a pair of lady dragons for SO long. Maybe as a gift to myself after graduation... Also, you picked a great colour!

  3. Lovely lovely; my sis has a pair & they do smell so yummy!

    p.s I agree this doesnt count as a post at all; my hubby is very sick of me blogging too, have almost been blogging for 2 years and he still thinks I spend too long at it!

  4. My H2B is the same, he was most distressed the other night when I was in bed and turned the light back on after receiving your reply to my comment! He says he understands how much fun I get from blogging, but I'm not sure he gets quite how much fun it is!

    Have also been drooling over these shoes for a loooong time but never quite decided which colour to go for! Think I might have to decide before this offer ends!