Holy kazoo I'm on RMW again!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The lovely ladies (and gentleman) over at Rock My Wedding are featuring the second part of our wedding today (see the first part here). Thanks for having us, guys!

Sadly, our photographers (Lillian and Leonard, in case you missed the seven thousand other references to them on this blog) had to leave after the speeches, so there are no professional pictures showing how the rest of the evening went down. Frankly, I'm glad. It was SWEATY. Nobody wants to see 1 million pixels of that.

But just to prove it did actually happen, here are a few of my favourite shots of the reception taken by friends and family. There aren't that many - I think everyone was too busy getting their groove on, which I'm pretty sure is a good thing. My hilarious aunt even changed out of her wedding outfit and into shorts and a Hawaiian shirt so that she could get fully into the dancing - see how many times you can spot her below. First correct answer wins a kazoo*.

*Not really. I'm hanging on to those bad boys. Never know when you might need a kazoo.

4 boats moored

  1. Love the bum lift dance move/aka the floating bride photo! x

  2. Raucous times, indeed! I love it!

    (I'd keep the kazoos, too.)

  3. Oh LUCY - I came on here to write pretty much that exact comment. Damn you and you mind-reading-take-the-words-out-of-my-mouth abilities. The thought is still there though Kirsty I promise...


  4. Thanks guys! The butt-lift took a while to perfect but it went down pretty well with the crowd. I have since discovered that it doesn't look quite so classy in a short dress...